Easy Ways to Save Money + Bonus!

Have I had to ask myself: How can I save money? You can find hundreds of tips on how to save online. But there are simple processes to achieve this – income and expense tracking, cost reduction and money saving. That’s why we give you practical tips to help you realize them everyday, as well as tools to make them a lot easier and more organized.

Income and expense tracking, cost reduction and money saving

Income and expense tracking, cost reduction and money saving


“Think Before You Buy” – This must be the gold rule when you go shopping if you are planning to save money. According to the Latvian Waste Management Association (LASA), one person throws 113 kilograms of food a year in Latvia. In a month they have more than 3kg of food , which would be enough for a long time. Therefore, it is important to make a shopping list, which will be your guide to the supermarket. Nowadays, this is very easy to do with smartphones. For Android smartphone users, we recommend using the Shopping List app :

    • very easy to use;
    • no daily internet connection required;
    • You can create many different shopping lists.
    • it is possible to mark or cross out purchased goods or those that have not been purchased;
    • prices and quantities can be added;
    • you can make edits to the list and individual items at any time.

The application is available in English and Russian. If you do not know these languages, do not worry – the application is so simple that it is usable even without knowledge of these languages!

By the way!

It is no secret and no news that preparing meals is often cheaper than buying ready meals or dining in canteens and bistros (certainly cheaper than a restaurant). If you haven’t done it yet, give it a try – your food tastes better!


When it comes to entertainment, planning is your best friend. Planning your entertainment and holiday expenses will save you a lot of money. Visit coupon merchant websites such as BuyingCopy.com. Here you will find original forms of entertainment that will cost less than the service provider itself. For security after checking if it really comes cheaper – look at the service provider’s website and compare the price. Better to be 100% confident about your choice than overpay for laziness, right?

A good way to keep track of great deals is to sign up for newsletters via email and / or phone . As soon as the company offers discounts, you will be immediately informed and will be able to plan your holiday in a timely manner without overpaying, thus saving you money .


money cash

Keeping track of costs and reducing them where possible is good, but what we all want to see is the real money available in our bank account. Therefore, we advise you to start making savings . It’s easy to get started. All you have to do is open a relevant savings account with one of the banks and set up a payday such as 5% of your salary to be transferred to that savings account. If you have followed the above recommendations then the absence of this 5% should not have a big impact on your financial situation everyday. Why automate this process rather than stocking up on socks? Because by doing it yourself, you may forget to put it in one day or think you can skip it once. By automating the process, you will eventually become accustomed to the fact that part of your salary goes to your savings account. Even if you need this money, you can transfer it to your regular account within 7 days (depending on your bank) so that you can pay with it.
By making such savings, you will always know that you have the cash available and enjoy something you have long dreamed of when planning a vacation!


As mentioned above, you need to plan your expenses to save money . But it all starts with tracking and controlling your existing costs, so we offer a budget planner designed by Maskey Lao. This planner is designed to keep track of both family and individual spending and income. It is built in Excel (Microsoft Excel) and set with all the necessary formulas. Made in both Latvian and Russian .

The budget planner is available for free and can be downloaded here. It’s a very handy and simple tool for everyday use! All you have to do is enter your monthly income and break down your expenses by category. Next, the exel will take care of the calculations and you will see an overview of your income and expenses. This way your cash flow or that of your family will be transparent. The next time you ask yourself how I can save money, just look at the budget planner and identify the categories where you need to cut costs for a while.