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North American markets shrugged off the turmoil of late February and early March following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This unleashed chaos in the global energy sector. However, many pundits and analysts still anticipate volatility as central banks ramp up their interest rate hikes. This uncertainty has a run on safe havens like gold and . Meanwhile, cryptocurrencies have faltered in the face of this pressure. Today I want to look at three gold and silver exchange traded funds (ETFs) that offer solid exposure to this space at the end of April. Let’s jump in.

This gold-focused ETF offers broad exposure to the sector. At the time of writing, spot gold was trading just under $1,950 an ounce. As early as March, there were hopes that Russia and Ukraine could sit down and negotiate a legitimate peace. Unfortunately, the war only intensified in the weeks that followed. A peace agreement seems a long way off at this point in time. Meanwhile, rising inflation and the threat of interest rate hikes are also driving safe-haven investments.

Canadian investors looking to gain exposure to this space should consider the iShares S&P/TSX Global Gold ETF (NYSE:) (:XGD). Shares of this ETF are up 26% in 2022 as of the April 19 close. They’re up 14% year over year.

This ETF targets global stocks of producers of gold and related products. Top holdings in this account include well-known gold producers such as Newmont, Barrick Gold (NYSE:) and Franco Nevada.

Investors chasing silver stocks should check out this fund. The price of silver more than doubled from March 2020 to the summer of the same year. However, the smaller of the top precious metals failed to challenge its previous all-time highs. However, it may still have plenty of room to run in this environment.

Investors looking to get into silver might want to grab the Horizons Silver ETF (TSX:HUZ). This fund aims to match the performance of the Solactive Silver Front Month MD Rolling Futures Index ER. Its shares are up 8.6% so far in 2022. Investors have to pay a relatively high MER of 0.78% to hold this silver-focused ETF.

Another top gold ETF to grab today. I’ve checked in the spot price of the yellow metal per ounce at the top of this article. Some investors may want to avoid tracking the performance of gold stocks. iShares Bullion ETF (TSX:CGL) offers Canadians a way to track the core price of gold bullion. In its fund facts, the fund states that it targets the price of gold, which is hedged against. It boasts of its usefulness as a hedge against inflation.

This ETF is up 7.5% year-to-date. It offers a standard MER of 0.55%. Investors who want to avoid the frills and simply want to track the price of gold bars should consider holding this ETF in this uncertain market climate.

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