A Syracuse man robbed 5 stores in 8 days, police say

SYRACUSE, NY – A 20-year-old man has been arrested for five counts of armed robbery, Syracuse Police Department said.

Keristen Q. Williams Jr. of Syracuse was arrested Jan. 7 for robberies committed in two robberies on Dec. 27, one on Dec. 29, another on Dec. 31 and Jan. 3, according to police in filed criminal charges Syracuse City Court.

Here are the robberies described by the police in the court records:

Dec 27: At 9:48 p.m., Williams robbed the Teall Market at 825 Teall Avenue, police said. Williams threatened the cashier with a gun and stole nearly $300, they said.

Dec 27: At 10:28 p.m. Williams and an accomplice robbed a store at 742 S. Beech St. and took a cash register drawer valued at an estimated $300 to $500, police said. The accomplice threatened the cashier with a gun, police said. Williams’ fingerprints were found at the scene, police said.

December 29: Williams robbed the AAA Market store at 107 Glenwood Ave, police said. Williams pointed a silver pistol at the vendor and forced her to empty the tills, police said. Williams took between $400 and $500, police said.

Dec 31: Williams pointed a silver and black gun at employees at the Extra Kleen Food Store on Hawley Ave. 231 and demanded money, police said. Williams took $200 to $250, police said.

January 3: Williams robbed the NSM store at 301 S Lowell Ave. Williams pointed a gun at an employee and forced him to empty the register, police said. The clerk gave Williams $400 from the register, police said.

When police arrested Williams, he was wearing the same clothing and jewelry as in the Jan. 3 robbery, they said. A search of his home found a jacket that also matched the Jan. 3 robbery, police said. His ID was found in one of the pockets, police said.

Williams was charged with first-degree robbery, second-degree threats, criminal possession of a weapon third-degree and petty theft, according to the criminal complaints.

Williams was charged and placed on bail. He is being held in the Justice Center jail.

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