Actress Sruthi Lekshmi asked about “connections” with Monson Mavunkal | Kerala news

Kochi: Popular Kerala film and television series actress Sruthi Lekshmi was interviewed Tuesday by the Directorate of Enforcement about her alleged links with the notorious “antique dealer” Monson Mavunkal.

The actress is also a popular classical dancer and is said to have been present at certain events organized by the now arrested fraudster Mavunkal.

According to knowledgeable sources, the emergency room reportedly asked her to clarify her relationship with Mavunkal after it was discovered that some payments had been made by him to their bank accounts.

Despite telling the emergency room that she had only a professional relationship with Mavunkal, she was asked to appear in person and her statements have been recorded since Tuesday afternoon.

The now 31-year-old actress began her career as a child artist in TV series and has appeared in almost 35 films in addition to numerous popular TV series.

Cherthala-born Mavunkal, who claimed to be in possession of rare and historical antiques, was arrested by the district Criminal Police in the last week of September for cheating Rs 10 crore on various people.

Mavunkal tried to impress his high profile guests by displaying antiques in his collection that he claimed included the “staff of Moses” and “two of the 30 silver coins Judas took to deceive Jesus Christ” .

Police said he had displayed these “rare” items – a throne that is said to be used by Tipu Sultan, as well as a huge collection of ancient Korans, Bibles (Old and New Testament) and old handwritten copies of the Bhagavad Gita.

Mavunkal brought several VIPs to his palatial residence, part of which has been converted into a museum to house his “precious antiques”.

(with input from IANS)

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