Altcoin-supporting Senate candidate Blake Masters earns $ 1 million working with Peter Thiel

  • Blake Masters earned seven-figure salaries and royalties working at Thiel Capital.
  • Peter Thiel donated $ 10 million to a Super PAC supporting Sen. Mark Kelly’s Masters Challenge.
  • Masters also has seven-digit cryptocurrency holdings, according to a new financial file.

Republican Senate candidate Blake Masters earned around $ 1 million last year from his relationship with investor and GOP mega-donor Peter Thiel.

Thiel, the PayPal founder and Facebook investor and board member, paid Masters a salary of $ 775,000 last year, according to Masters disclosure on his personal finances. filed on Thursday with the US Senate Secretary.

The documents – which were filed almost 10 weeks late, as Insider previously reported – also show that Masters earned more than $ 340,000 in royalty payments from Thiel Capital from the sale of the book “Zero to One,” which Masters wrote with Thiel.

Masters is Chief Operating Officer of Thiel Capital and President of the Thiel Foundation. Thiel has already donated $ 10 million to Saving America, a Pro Masters Super PAC; such committees can raise and spend an unlimited amount of money to stand up for or against political candidates.

Masters did not promptly return Insider’s message for comment. He had told Insider in September that his financial disclosures would be “pretty vanilla”. In October, he said he hadn’t filed a timely reveal because he was “preoccupied with campaigning and parenting,” adding that “the most interesting and unique thing about my reveal will be crypto.”

His cryptocurrency holdings are fascinating indeed: he reported assets valued between $ 1.47 and 6.19 million in nine cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Ether, Filecoin, Litecoin, Tezos, and Zcash.

This makes Masters one of the most heavily invested in cryptocurrency Congress candidates.

Masters also owns gold and silver bars and coins between $ 2,000 and $ 30,000, according to its disclosure.

Masters also reported having a gun trust, which the disclosure describes as a “Gun Possession Trust under the National Firearms Act.”

Masters’ Trust contains “cannons and silencers”, the disclosure states, without further explaining its holdings. Gun trusts can contain any type of weapon that is legally owned, but are often used to legally own Machine guns, short barrel rifles and shotguns.

The billionaire entrepreneur venture capitalist Peter Thiel

Billionaire investor Peter Thiel is also a major political donor to the Republican Party.

John Lamparski / Getty Images

Connections to Thiel

Master, 35, submitted papers with the Federal Electoral Commission on July 9 to run in the Arizona GOP Senate primary. If he wins, he would likely face incumbent Senator Mark Kelly, a Democrat, in one of the most expensive races of the 2022 midterm elections.

Under federal law, Masters had 30 days to disclose his financial records or otherwise request an extension, which he did not. Had Masters requested an extension, Senate officials could have given him up to 90 days more time to submit his personal financial information. He stands in front of you $ 200 late filing penalty, according to the rules of the Senate.

Master’s connections with Thiel date back to his time at Stanford Law School, when he attended the investor’s entrepreneurship course, posted his notes online, and then wrote a bestselling compendium of notes with Thiel, “Zero to One”.

After working in legal tech entrepreneurship, Masters spent the last seven years at Thiel Capital.

If Donald Trump became president, Thiel – sometimes with Masters – helped Trump screen and select candidates for senior government positions. For example, Thiel tried to replace the longtime director of the National Institutes of Health with Andy Harris, a Republican congressman and doctor with far-right views, according to Max Chafkin’s most recent biography of Thiel.

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