American Women’s Silver Quarters Proof Set on sale March 29th

The 2022-S American Women Silver Quarters Proof five-coin set is scheduled to go on sale at the US Mint on March 29 at noon EST.

The set, priced at $73 each with no product or household order restrictions, includes versions of the first five of the later 20 coins in the American Women quarter dollar series in .999 fine silver proof.

The reverse of the 2022 coins honors:
➤ Maya Angelou – acclaimed author and civil rights activist.
➤ Dr. Sally Ride – Physicist and first American in space.
➤ Wilma Mankiller – first female Chief Chief of the Cherokee Nation.
➤ Nina Otero-Warren – a leader of the New Mexico suffrage movement.
➤ Anna May Wong – First Chinese American film star in Hollywood.

Five-coin Silver Proof quarters sets are also expected in 2023, 2024 and 2025, with other notable American women featured on the reverse designs.

The common obverse of the series features American sculptor Laura Gardin Fraser’s portrait with the right side of George Washington, submitted to a 1931 Washington Quarter design competition.

While Fraser’s proposed designs were favored by the Commission of Fine Arts, Secretary of the Treasury Andrew W. Mellon overruled the panel’s recommendations and instead presented sculptor John Flanagan’s work on the quarter dollar denomination in calendar year 1932. This portrait was used on denominations through 2021, including on the State, DC/Territories and America the Beautiful Quarter Dollars.

Prior to its use in 2022 on the American Women Quarter Dollars, Fraser’s portrait was previously used on the 1999-W George Washington $5 gold coin issued to commemorate the bicentenary of Washington’s death.

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