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If you’ve moved to Maine or are visiting Maine from a much more populous state, you’ve probably noticed that our nightlife is very different. As a predominantly rural state (our idea of ​​a “city” is 60,000 inhabitants!) We don’t have many city-like nightclubs.

Mainers still love to party, however. So even though we don’t have night clubs, we have a lot of party bars!

Almost every city, no matter how big, has at least one bar known as the place everyone goes to party. We talk about the places where you hang out with friends, where you meet new friends and where the bands and DJs electrify the crowd.

We’ve put together our list of the best party bars in the Augusta / Waterville area. Take a look and let us know what other bars need to be on our list.

5 party bars in central Maine

As a fairly rural state, Maine doesn’t have many “nightclubs”. However, since Mainers love to party, we have our share of great party bars! Did you like to make our list the most?

So what other institutions need to be on our list? Message usage via our app or on Facebook.

If you don’t feel like partying but want to go out for a few drinks with friends or someone special, try these places:

  • State lunch – Located on Water Street in Augusta, they have a unique menu and even more unique cocktails.
  • Cushnoc Brewing Company – This brewery and wood-fired pizza is located on Water Street in Augusta. Creative pizza and a great selection of craft beers.
  • The Silver Street Tavern – Located on the corner of Silver Street and Main Street in Waterville, they have great food and regular live music.
  • The Liberal Cup – Great food and a good selection of craft beers and cocktails. Find her on Water Street in Hallowell.
  • The lion’s den – Find her on Main Street in Waterville or enter the pub from The Concourse. Great food, adult drinks and live music.

14 Fantastic Takeout Restaurants in Central Maine

These fourteen takeaways in Maine are the top picks for our listeners. What else needs to be on the list? Write to us via our app or on Facebook.

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