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Expect partly cloudy skies and temperatures in the 60’s and low 70’s during the Martin Luther King Bank Holiday weekend. Nice weather outside Tu B’schwat Children’s Festival in the silver lake.

We’re taking MLK Day off and returning to your inbox on Tuesday. Have a nice weekend!

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Debs Park Hike 600

Debs Park: A post-rain hike through Debs Park. Thanks to Katrina Alexi for sharing her photo.

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Elysian Heights: Incoming LAUSD Superintendent visited with Administrators, staff and students at Elysian Heights Art Magnet School Tomorrow, he said there was no end in sight to the difficulties that COVID-19 will cause for the district and the students. The Eastsider

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Silverlake Lounge 600

Silver Lake bars adapt to vaccination records

By Barry Lank

Bars are now required to check two types of ID instead of just one. Add a city-required vaccination certificate to the usual proof of age.

Customers seem to be mostly fine with that, according to some employees at the Silver Lake bar.

Most of time.

“Nobody’s really resistant,” said Constantine Williams, head bartender at Jay’s bar on Sunset Boulevard. “A few sighs and ‘That’s annoying’ from people.’ But over time, most people understand and appreciate that we ask.”

Across the street at Akbar, “In the 99th percentile, people are more than happy to show their vacation ID,” said Gordon Vandenberg, who works on the door.

Trouble at the drag show

But at least there’s still that one percent — a night like that Silverlake Lounge.

When a man tried to enter during a drag show, he got angry when the new bouncer asked for proof of vaccination, Steve Acosta said at the Silverlake Lounge.

“He started punching our bouncer and punched him once in the face, but fortunately he wasn’t hurt,” Acosta said. “The guy kept knocking over our tables, throwing bird scooters at the front door and breaking our host stand and sandwich board sign.”

The porter gave notice the next day.

Acosta said most of the objections came primarily after the bar began searching for vaccination records ahead of the city’s mandate. Employees have been called Nazis, agents of tyranny, sheep and various swear words, he said.

Vandenberg has also encountered some objections. “Although I suspect they were quite disingenuous given that none of them are regular guests and their objections seem rehearsed,” he said.

Just one step

However, Vandenberg said that checking vaccination status is mostly just another step in the usual ID process.

“When a group shows up, I greet them and tell them we’ll check IDs and vaccinations and then wait for them to pull out wallets and phones.”

How about that delay while people fiddle around? Well, that adds up, Acosta said at the Silverlake Lounge.

“As bartenders, we could serve a lot more guests if we just checked IDs,” Acosta said. “People aren’t as fluid about presenting their Vax credentials and often fumble for them or need help finding them.”

Overall, says Vandenberg, it’s worth it.

“Thirty extra seconds for a safer night?” said Vandenberg. “That’s a good deal!”

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Magic Spanish 600

Magical Spanish with Pool in Prime SGV

Home shoppers considering the San Gabriel Valley have likely explored the hamlet of San Gabriel, adjacent to Pasadena. With tree-lined streets, beautiful historic homes, and a great variety of mom and pop restaurants, it’s a great place to base and not difficult at all to get to, just 12 miles from Echo Park.

The desirable neighborhood of North San Gabriel is the backdrop for this rare and exquisite four bedroom Spanish villa with a pool. Built in 1930 to a design by Scott Quintin AIA, the carefully preserved residence surrounds you with old world charm enhanced by a thorough and stylish renovation.

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Notebook Bubble 600

Betty White Garden

Griffith Park: The LA Zoo honors the late Betty White with a white rose memorial garden that will be open through the end of the month, CBS LA reported. White, who died December 31 at the age of 99, was a long-time zoo fan. The memorial garden is located at Allen Ludden Plaza, named after the actress’ late husband. The zoo also offers self-guided tours “Betty’s LA Zoo Tour” from some of White’s haunts.

plant sale

Highland Park: Temple Beth Israel of Highland Park and Eagle holds its annual sale of native plants in honor of the Jewish New Year of the Trees, Tu Bishvat. an ecological festival that celebrates nature. People can order online to January 17th and collection on Sunday January 23rd.

rent theatre

Armando Huipe 600

Los Feliz: The Skylight Theater Company rented Armando Huipe as managing director. The independent cultural management consultant is the founder of the Latinx Theater Alliance/Los Angeles. He replaces Sandee Grossman, now Managing Director.

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Sun, January 16: Tu B’schwat Children’s Festival

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