Blackmailed by boyfriend, teenager steals jewelry from home

A young girl is said to have stolen about 1.9 kg of gold jewellery, 5 kg of silver items and cash from her apartment and given it to her 20-year-old boyfriend.

When she was caught by her father, the 17-year-old claimed her boyfriend, a BCom student, blackmailed her by threatening to publish her obscene photos. Her father filed a complaint with the police to take action against his daughter’s boyfriend and asked the police to get the valuables.

Byatarayanapura Police have seized a case of extortion, also citing sections of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act (POCSO) and the Information Technology Act. They also arrested the BCom student.

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The girl’s father, 45, who works for a software company, told police he had been battling depression since the deaths of his father in 2018 and his wife in 2021. Therefore, he did not pay much attention to the gold jewelry and other valuables in the house.

In July, insurance company officials visited the teenager’s home and demanded that the father pay a premium for the gold jewelry or the policy would expire. When he started looking for the gold insurance card on August 8, his daughter tried to stop him from looking in the closet. Then he found that a large amount of jewelry was missing.

When questioned by the father, the teenager told him about her boyfriend and said she had been with him since they were in 10th grade.

She said he blackmailed her by threatening to transform the photos and show them to her father. He also threatened to upload her on social media if she didn’t pay him 2 lakh rupees. Initially she paid him Rs 2,500, Rs 5,000 and Rs 10,000. She claimed that he had altered some pictures and vowed to put them on the walls of her college. He also offered her a drink, recorded her drinking and threatened to release the video claiming she was on drugs.

Since last year, she has stolen 1.9 kg of gold jewelry, 3 kg of silver bars and 2 kg of silver plates and other items.

A senior police official said the suspect admitted he had dated the teenager. He added that she stole the jewelry and gave it to him, but he denied blackmailing her. He also claimed to have returned all 300 grams of jewelry she gave him.

Police are investigating whether the girl gave the jewelry to other friends.

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