Every Arthetine Cooking Recipe ingredient in Lost Ark

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There isn’t much to tinker with Lost Ark. But that doesn’t mean finding cooking ingredients is not important. There are some meals you can create to boost your stats. But mostly ingredients are used to complete yours Adventurer’s Tome for each continent.

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The ingredients for the Arthetine cooking recipe are a real colorful mix. Luckily, none of them are ridiculously expensive or take a lot of luck to get all the parts you need. But you must collect ingredients in two dungeons, find the elusive Wandering Merchant, and buy crystals from a complex menu that’s easily wrong. Let’s go through a list of tips and places below.


Bergstrom’s Miracle

You need access to the dr Bergstrom’s laboratory Dungeon in Totrich before you can complete this recipe. Once inside (on both difficulty levels), you’ll see right away a large machine on your right with a couple of large test tubes attached. On its southern side you will see a Mokoko Seed – and opposite on the other side you will find it Bergstrom’s yellow potion.

After the quest, continue through the dungeon. You make a loop on the east side that takes you back to the starting point before heading northwest. You will now make a similar loop north of the dungeon through the biological lab and power core room. Just before you get to the Power Core, there’s an unnamed room. If you enter it from the north, you will See some shelves on the southeast side of the area with papers on the top shelf and gears on the shelf below. Examine here to find Bergstrom’s invisibility potion.

With these two potions in your inventory, go to the cooking robot outside of Neria’s tavern in the Origins of Stern area. In exchange for the two potions plus 1,700 silver coinsCook Cooking Master will make you Bergstrom drink you need. Once you have it, all you have to do is right-click it in your inventory and it will be added to your Adventurer’s Tome.

Boosting liquid soup

You need to buy some ‘adrenaline boosting fluid’ which costs 777 silver coins out Wandering trader Nox. As with all wandering merchants in Lost Ark, you need to time your encounter with him. He will be in the following locations at the following times, staying 25 minutes in each location (note that these times apply to both AM and PM in your server’s time zone):

  • Scraplands (near Triport Sentry Post): 12:30
  • Nebelhorn (near Nebelhorn Lab Triport): 2:30
  • Windbringer Hills (near Triport Sentry Post): 5:30
  • Totrich (near Clockwork Square Triport): 6:30
  • Riza Falls (near Whirlpool Observatory Triport): 8:30
  • Arid Path (near Lupen Port Triport): 9:30

You’ll know if you arrived at the right time as Nox is easy to spot on your map when you arrive at the triport (it appears as a gray icon that looks like a wheel). Once you’ve acquired the adrenaline-charged fluid, Bring it to the cook in front of Neria’s Tavern in the star. The robot turns it into Boosting liquid soup to the 1,400 silver coins.

Cykin Battle Ration Type A

In Origins of Stern, go to the Market District Triport and go north towards Neria’s Tavern. Immediately to the left of the tavern entrance, You will find cooking ingredients Merchant Malina. She only sells one thing – that Cykin Battle Ration Type A – to the 30,000 silver coins. Buy one and right click on it directly to add it to your Adventurer’s Tome.

Cykin Battle Ration Type C

Go to the Guard Triport in Scraplands. Head west into the camp, past the workshop and up into the northwest corner. Above where Regulator Ernst stands, you will see a tall metal canister. Behind it is a bag with the first required ingredient – theVacuum dried powder X-3‘.

Now head east from the Relay Guard Camp to the Hoverboard Testing Grounds. Stay on the left side of the path. Just before you get to the entrance to the site, you’ll see three large metal cylinders on the fence. Next to the cylinder, which is not in an elongated frame, is a sack. Examine this sack to find the ‘Vacuum dried powder X-1‘ you need.

With both ingredients in your inventory, go back to the Origins of Stern cooking master standing in front of Neria’s tavern. The robot cook will create them Cykin Battle Ration Type C you need for 900 silver coins.

Sceptrumpan 3mg

To complete this recipe, you must collect an ingredient from the first floor of the Heart of the Scepter Dungeon. So if you don’t already have access, you’ll need to continue the main story quest until you do. Once inside the dungeon, you need to go past the first elevator to the area with the dangerous turntables. Pass them easily as some mercenaries will attack you. It’s best to ship these first before locating the ingredient you need.

Now look back at the slices. There is a machine that ejects them from either side of the path. Despite health bars, these machines cannot be damaged or defeated. Just past the one on the south side of the gangway, You’ll see some notes on the ground near the corner of the railing. Examine these to get the Sceptrum recipe Ingredient. If you stand in exactly the right spot, all the discs will still miss you, so you can take your time.

Once you get the recipe, you can go back to Origins of Stern and visit Cook, just outside of Neria’s Tavern in the Market District. You don’t have to complete the dungeon as long as you have the recipe. The cooking master will finish you off Sceptrumpan 3mg to the 1,400 silver coins.

Unknown liquid XD-6353

You need good eyesight to complete this one. First go to the Cook Cooking Master robot This is on the platform in front of Neria’s Tavern in the market district of Stern’s Origins. Start a dialogue with it and you will see the crafting menu. Scroll down until you “boiling liquid‘ and select it. This will show you the 22 ingredients You have to make the liquid.

On the plus side, the robot chef sells all of these ingredients. But on the downside, there have been many who have very similar names – So you have to be very careful while shopping. Each ingredient also costs you a ‘Unknown crystal‘. These can be purchased from Cooking ingredient merchant Deberry, which is just to the right of the door to Neria’s Tavern. The crystals cost 70 silver coins everyone.

Buy the crystals from Deberry, use them to buy the correct ingredients from the chef, then give them to the chef to make you the “Boiling Liquid” (for an additional fee). 1,700 silver). Once that’s in your inventory, wait for it to cool (five minutes) – and then you’ll have it Unknown liquid XD-6353.


You can buy those X-090892 Energy drink right out Potions Seller Jane in the village of Totrich. Go to the Clockwork Square Triport and north to the Thirsty Sprocket Tavern. At the intersection, turn right toward Gebison Antique Shop and You will see them on the left side of the path. Just buy Jane’s drink for 30,000 silver coinsbefore right-clicking it in your inventory to add it to your tome.

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