Family business in the northwest turns clutter into money



Bellevue Rare Coins brings the bling and buys it too. Sponsored by Bellevue Rare Coins

BELLEVUE, Washington – Bellevue Rare Coins has been a treasure trove in the Northwest for more than 4 decades.

“My aunt and father started doing this at our West Seattle location in 1979,” said co-owner Angela Rivers, who literally grew up in the West Seattle store with her brothers who are now co-owners.

All 5 shops are an excellent browse. Rolex watches, coins from ancient Greece, 100-ounce silver bars are just a small selection of the fascinating – and valuable things you will find here.

“We definitely have a lot of different options here. It can be a little overwhelming, “said Rivers.

Customers can buy and sell precious metals, coins and currencies, jewelry and watches in 5 different locations: Lynnwood, West Seattle, Bellevue, Issaquah and Tacoma. We met client Lenartha Christian III after he brought some of his precious metal for sale: “I’ve been coming here for almost 2 years now, they have really good customer service and they have pretty good deals. I just sold a bunch of silver, ”he explained that he bought it about a year and a half ago when the price was low. The price has risen since then. “I made a nice little win,” he smiled.

Free reviews can also help customers turn clutter into money:

“You could have broken jewelry, like a bracelet that looks like you want to throw it in the trash, but it could be worth hundreds of dollars,” Rivers said.

Executive buying agent Joseph Munchel showed a typical buy Bellevue Rare Coins would do: a collection of old silver cutlery, some random coins, and some old clocks. “People came in and said, ‘Here are my things, what do you think is the value?’ And we always like to give free reviews, ”says Münchel, who adds that no appointment is necessary and that there is no pressure to sell once an item has been rated.

Some customers come in to buy brand new bling. New pieces of jewelry, necklaces and engagement rings sparkle in the cases. But sometimes older is better – as the scratched Rolex Eric Hoolahan, CEO of Bellevue Rare Coins, showed us.

“It’s the first Submariner from 1959. The patina alone is probably worth $ 20 to $ 30 thousand,” he said.

So before you get rid of anything that has lost its luster, take it to BRC.

“My advice is never to think that something is worthless. You would be shocked how something so random can be worth so much money,” said Rivers.

Oh – and one more piece of advice – if you’re lucky enough to win our BEST OF WESTERN WASHINGTON Prize – $ 2,500 in cash – or gold – Rivers has one more piece of advice:

“Take the gold! Take the gold!”

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