Ghost weapons found in Electchester bedroom | Editions

A Fresh Meadows man was charged on December 9 with 125 charges of possessing 25 ghost weapons and other contraband goods in his bedroom.

The seizure is the fifth in the county since August, according to Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz.

Chaz McMillan, 20, faces up to 25 years in prison if convicted.

“This is the fifth ghost weapon seizure in Queens since August – and we are not going to stop,” Katz said in a statement, noting that two occurred in Richmond Hill and the other two in Hollis and Rosedale. “Using traditional investigative techniques, accurate gathering and analysis of information, we continue our relentless search for those who believe they can get away with bringing gun parts into our district, assembling them and selling them here. In collaboration with the NYPD, we will dismantle the ‘polymer pipeline’ – ‘polymer’ because an essential part of these ghost guns is made of a durable polymer plastic – and get these tools of death off our streets. “

According to the criminal complaint, the NYPD had been conducting a long-standing investigation into McMillan’s Ghost gun purchases. Katz said he allegedly bought gun parts online. The officers received a search warrant on December 6th and carried it out two days later.

Police reportedly found McMillan’s bedroom in the Electchester Co-op apartment

• 25 ghost pistols, including 19 semi-automatic pistols, five assault weapons, and a semi-automatic shotgun;

• 31 large capacity magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition;

• four additional complete lower polymer-based receivers (the frame of a weapon);

• approximately 670 rounds of ammunition of various calibers, including 9 mm and 10 mm;

• several firearm-related components, parts and equipment for the assembly and manufacture of ghost guns; and

• Approximately two 10-ounce silver bars and fifteen 1-ounce silver coins, which police say represent revenue from drug and firearms trafficking.

Police found that McMillan was not licensed to own or possess firearms in the city or had a pistol permit.

Police also found a number of drug paraphernalia in McMillan’s room, all related to marijuana, according to the report.

All contraband was sent to the NYPD laboratory for analysis.

McMillan faces first, second and third degree criminal possession in a 125-point criminal complaint; criminal sale of third-degree firearms; criminal possession of a firearm; Manufacture of weapons and dangerous instruments; unlawful possession of pistol or revolver ammunition; and other fees.

“This is not a passing fad. These illegal weapons put our citizens, our police and our children at risk, ”Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said in a statement. “Snapping together semi-automatic pistols and assault weapons from kits that are ordered from abroad is not a hobby.

“We see hundreds of ghost weapons ordered online and shipped straight to New York City. This is rapidly developing as a replacement supply chain for arms smugglers who have traditionally relied on the “iron pipeline”. In this case, when we see dozens of weapons – and weapon components to make more – we can only guess that the intent is to sell and distribute them. “

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