GI Northwest Project Capitalizes on Student Penny Wars | Local news from Grand Island


Student Raelea Chavez said, “I’m most excited about sabotaging the other classes.”

James Buhrman, another student from the Northwest, said, “It’s really fun to compete with other classes.”

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Still, Edwards said, the whole district wins. “We keep telling them that Northwest has four buildings, but we’re a family. We’re really trying to make sure it’s all about the kids. “

The field house will be built on the east side of the soccer field. It will provide practice rooms for high schools as well as seventh and eighth grade basketball and volleyball teams. Additional elements provide space and options for Northwest students of all grades.

Student Hayden Heaton said, “The Fieldhouse is a great way to train and have fun.”

Edwards said of the fundraiser, “We wanted to give the students ownership of the new facility. Just because it was built in high school doesn’t mean it’s just for high school. “

Independent / McKenna Lamoree

Buhrman said he was already thinking about the completed project. “I’m very excited to be playing basketball at the new gym in Northwest, and I’m also looking forward to the new soccer field.”

The improvements in the football stadium include the installation of artificial turf, new stands and a press stand. The location remains the same, but the new capacity is increased by 400 or more by adding grandstands at one end.

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