Gold price extends profit in Pakistan




Silver remains unchanged

SAMAA | Samaa money – Posted: Dec 7, 2021 | Last updated: 2 hours ago

Posted: Dec 7, 2021 | Last updated: 2 hours ago

The price of gold in Pakistan rose 350 rupees per tola on Tuesday, while the gold price hovered around 124,000 rupees per tola.

According to rates compiled by the All Sindh Sarrafa and Jewelers Association, the price of 24k gold in the international market stopped a losing streak and rose one dollar to $ 1,781 an ounce.

Gold has seen a steady decline in the global market, where it has fallen by $ 79 in the past 15 days.

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It jumped to a five-month high of $ 1,874 an ounce on November 16 and to a high of Rs 132,000 per tola on October 26 in Pakistan.

Silver price in Pakistan

In the domestic market, the price per 10 grams of gold rose by 300 rupees to 106,310 rupees.

For the past 15 days, silver is selling for 1,460 rupees per tola and 1,251.71 rupees per 10 grams. The last price change was on November 22nd.

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