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Too long ago if you had a few million dollars, a house, and a nice car, that was all you needed. The government didn’t care how rich you were as long as you paid taxes and were a law-abiding citizen.

However, experts assume that this is no longer the case. Their wealth could be taxed just because they (big governments) need the money.

We have socialists in our house, but one way to protect your money from excessive taxation is to invest in gold.

Fortunately, Goldco has a few options that allow investors / business people to safely park their money, effectively avoiding potentially crippling inflation and taxation.

Goldco may be poised to become the next big thing, hot on the heels of a long list of new taxes and laws, some of which likely include: * A sharp increase in the highest federal tax rate on long-term capital gains and qualified dividends from 23.8 percent today to 39.6 percent for higher earners.

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What is Goldco?

Goldco is a leading precious metals provider that facilitates the opening and financing of precious metals IRAs.

The California-based company helps clients secure their financial futures with precious metals IRAs. Goldco isn’t new, having been around since 2006, but it’s only now, with taxation looming on the horizon, that precious metals IRAs are getting the attention they deserve.

What is their process:

If you are interested in protecting your money through precious metals then submitting your interest and claim online is very easy.

Once you do, a company representative will call you to make sure you are qualified and ready to take the next steps.

From there, the Goldco team will help you figure out your balance, what to transfer, what types of coins to buy, and then help you handle the rollover and paperwork and get the gold or silver wherever it is needed to be!

Do you help investors set up an SDIRA (Self-Directed IRA)?

Yes, Goldco helps investors set up their own SDIRA, or a Self Directed IRA as it is called.

These allow investors to leverage their investments in other assets such as private equity, real estate, etc.

Goldco makes this possible by working with custodians to ensure customers are served legally. Although assets like gemstones, your coin collection or art cannot be included in the portfolio.

Investors can also buy gold and silver

Goldco also sells a different range of gold and silver products. The company has commemorative and collector coins at the time of this writing.

The coins can be delivered and become part of an investor collection. However, once the coins, gold or silver, are in the investor’s possession, they cannot be included in the IRA.

The same goes for any other art or coin collection. The gold is 99.9% pure gold, which is required by the IRS.

However, if investors want to buy gold and silver and at the same time ensure that it is part of their IRA, they must be held with a custodian. Most custodians charge separate fees that investors should go through before deciding which route to take.

Goldco Review Summary

We love it! Goldco makes investing in precious metal IRAs very easy thanks to its extensive library of teaching materials and excellent customer service.

Not only are they offering a product that will protect your money from tax hikes and inflation, but they can also help meet your retirement or savings goals. After all, everyone has the right to a comfortable retirement.

Goldco works with numerous IRA custodians to help the company create IRA accounts and move funds from their traditional IRAs to new SDIRA accounts. Goldco is a retailer of precious metals and helps its customers buy them (precious metals) at extremely competitive prices.

In all fairness, we know a few other companies that offer similar products. Some of the companies we’d better not mention promise the “highest returns in the industry,” which a company honestly can’t predict or promise.

With that said, Goldco stands out in this industry and we are happy to recommend them to others!

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