How to get coins fast in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

FIFA 23 is here and with it another year of Ultimate Team. From special maps to daily, weekly, or even seasonal goals, players have a variety of ways to earn in-game rewards. That said, sometimes we just want our money. This guide will collapse how to get coins fast in fifa 23 ultimate team.

How to get FUT coins fast in FIFA 23

When it comes to earning coins in FIFA Ultimate Team, there are few things more rewarding than playing. However, that doesn’t mean players can’t make the most of it. There are several ways players can earn coins quickly in FIFA Ultimate Team, so let’s get started.

Use bronze packs

Bronze player packs never get us too excited, but if you grab them early, you can get a decent coin boost. The Premium Bronze Pack will cost a player 750 coins, but investing in them has some benefits.

Every once in a while, a Squad Building Challenge (SBC) will require very specific bronze cards. Be sure to check out which ones you have and don’t be afraid to keep them for a while. All of a sudden you turn 750 coins into a handful of thousands if you are lucky.

As for the consumables that you’ll no doubt get with most packs – like kits, badges, and even stadium tickets – you can just sell them quickly. Whether it’s bronze, silver or gold, no one will offer high prizes to take home.

Fast Selling Players

Don’t have enough time to play around in the transfer market? No problem. If you want to get rid of a player quickly for a small coin, just select that player and see if you can sell them quickly.

However, you should be patient with cards that are selling well in the market. Sometimes a Team of the Week (TOTW) player card is just the ticket. Unless deployed in specific SBCs, the lower league – or lower overall – TOTW player isn’t going to bring much in the market. But chances are players can quickly sell it for a little over 10,000 coins or so.

When it comes to your average players, it depends on their quality and rarity. Always check when packing a player as stats change over time.

Squad Building Challenges

SBCs can be fun, SBCs can be annoying; SBCs can be rewarding, SBCs can be daunting. But before this becomes some weird nursery rhyme, you should know that the Squad Building Challenge can be the best way to earn coins fast in Ultimate Team.

Image Source: EA Sports Web App via Twinfinite

Additionally, there is a sometimes fun puzzle-solving element. With an all-new chemistry system in FIFA 23, it may take a little practice at first, but players will still want to try it. As always, there’s a small handful of these at launch that don’t expire. They include:

  • Hybrid Leagues
  • Hybrid Nations
  • League and Nation Hybrid
  • Various upgrades (Bronze, Silver and Gold)

If you want to make money fast, you usually focus on the Hybrid SBCs. But for now it seems Rewards from it cannot be traded. This is something to keep in mind.

So what should a player do instead? Keep an eye out for special weekly SBCs like Marquee Matchups and others. Presumably not all rewards will be non-tradable. And if you manage to put the pieces of the puzzle together without delving into the transfer market too often, you’ll be all the more rewarding.

Play Matches – Friendlies, Squad Battles, Rivals

Players earn coins with every game played. The beauty of it friendships is that they don’t affect your overall ranking regardless of whether you win or lose. That said, if you’re looking for a game mode that gives you lots of coins without having to play another human, Squad Battles is another option.

Squad Battles pits players against a random group of squads across Ultimate Team. This mode also includes the current Team of the Week as well as an entire Featured Squad. These two are always a bit more difficult to handle, but this mode allows players to choose their level of difficulty. Of course, the higher the difficulty, the higher the reward if you win.

Squad Battles take place weekly and depending on how many points a player earns, they are rewarded with a variety of packs – tradable – as well as large bundles of coins.

Finally, division rivals is another game type where players can earn big rewards. Here, players compete one-on-one with another player – and depending on how they perform each week, they have a choice of tradable or non-tradable rewards. Not to mention a good amount of coins.

season goals

Not every objective reward gives you coins, but many of them will. The ones that don’t typically reward a player with XP, which in turn can lead to pack rewards and then packs — with items that can be sold for coins.

The “Coin Boost” still exists, albeit sporadically, and players can earn it through specific objectives during a FUT Season. It is therefore important to keep an eye on them regularly. Early coin boosts are essential if you want to get the most out of your team.

Don’t be tempted by gold packs

The Gold Pack is back in FIFA 23, and it’s important to realize how little money players get. Each Premium Gold Pack costs 7,500 coins and most of the time you won’t make a profit with it. They also only contain three rare items – which are not guaranteed to be players.

We understand it can be tempting, but it’s more beneficial to focus on the Bronze and Silver packages. Flip them over and hope the win you make can be used for better players.

Trading on the transfer market

Think you’re well stocked and want to sell some of your less desirable cards? Welcome to the FUT transfer market, which can get very busy very quickly. As we mentioned before, hold on to those valuable bronze (and silver) players until you think you can sell them for 1,000+ coins.

Also, try to buy high-rated players that are on the cheaper side before the market changes, and then flip them if you can. This won’t always work, but locking it away is a neat trick.

FIFA 23 will again feature a slew of promos, from Heroes and Ones to Watch (OTW) to Icons and TOTW – plus many more that haven’t been announced yet. If you grab one of these special cards early, watch the market and see if you can turn it into a delicious win.

So that’s it FIFA fans – everything you need to know to make coins fast in FIFA Ultimate Team. If you’re looking for more FIFA 23 related content, look no further than Twinfinite. Check out our other guides e.g. B. How to transfer points and coins from FIFA 22 to FIFA 23, and a breakdown of FUT moments – plus much more at the links below.

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