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Once you reach the open sea in Lost Ark, you’ll be introduced to pirate coins, useful for upgrading your ship and trading with merchants. While it’s not as easy to obtain as silver, you can still earn a significant amount using the methods below.

What are Pirate Coins?


Pirate Coins are your marine equivalent of gold or silver and can be traded with merchant ships on the open sea. While these can be traded for rare resources, they can also be used to upgrade your ship, which is something you should do if you want to explore as much of the Lost Ark world as possible. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to quickly farm Pirate Coins, but they can still be reliably earned over time if you know what to do.

Appropriately, Pirate Coins are earned through naval activities, using the most reliable methods outlined below.

Fortress Expeditions

Once you’ve unlocked your personal stronghold, you can begin to send out your own pirate crew on a variety of expeditions. Once you’ve assigned your crew and sent them on their way, they’ll be gone from the real world for several hours, but will return with Stronghold XP and a small number of Pirate Coins. Since this only earns you a few coins every few hours, consider sending a trip when you’ve finished playing for a while and collect them when you log back in.

island quests

As you explore certain islands, you will occasionally come across island quests that will reward you with a one-time drop of Pirate Coins. Later islands drop more than 16,000 Pirate Coins, but you can’t access all of them right away and the quests themselves can only be completed once, so keep that in mind!


If you want a quick surplus of coins, you can sail straight east from East Luterra until you reach the Isle of Liberty (shown in the map above). From there you can complete a series of quests that will net you a total of 15,000 Pirate Coins. If you’re looking for the Song of Resonance, you can sail south from Liberty Island to Blackfang’s Den. Another round of quests will reward you with another 10,000 coins, giving you enough to buy the song and have some coins to spare.

Una’s tasks

Once you reach level 50 you will unlock Una’s quests; daily and weekly quests that bring various rewards such as pirate coins upon completion. Since these and the Stronghold missions are repeatable, they are the most effective way to keep a steady supply of coins; Just remember to send out your pirate crew from your stronghold and complete your tasks from Una, and you’ll have a sizable stash of pirate coins in no time.

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