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HHow can you make FUT coins? It is the eternal question. Or at least it’s been a big question since then FIFA Ultimate Team Launched around a decade ago. So how do you make tons of coins to buy the best players? FIFA 22? These days there are endless YouTube videos, patreons, discords, and social media accounts devoted to finding value in the FUT market and it can be a bit dizzying.

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Fortunately, we play FUT and have been doing Big Bank for as long as anyone else, so we have a lot of proven methods for making coins fast FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. Don’t worry, just follow our directions and you should be able to add a healthy margin to your coin total over the course of the cycle.

Buy SBC chucks

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FIFA Ultimate Team – How to Make Coins. Credit: EA

Let’s start with something that works all year round. As you know, since their inception a few years ago, Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) have played a huge role if you play the game with any frequency. Essentially, it is about submitting a roster of players for some kind of reward. SBCs have specific requirements, usually based on factors such as overall rating, card type, nation, and league. They are reviews where, with a little patience, we can make large FUT coins.

During the FUT 22 Cycle there will be some very popular SBCs. The most popular in recent years have been things like Icon SBCs and Icon Player Pick SBCs (where you can open up a “Player Picks” that gives you a range of rewards). The thing is, they’re not always there, and when there’s not much else on the SBC menu to tempt people, the price of SBC chucks – these are cards that are highly rated but often packaged and for which not much is used gameplay – will fall. That’s when you buy. Then just wait until one of these coveted SBCs drives the feed price up again and sell.

So how do you know when to buy and when to sell? It’s not too difficult. In general, you want to buy food at certain times. Buy it in the first few weeks from FIFA 22 when there are no major SBCs – 86 rated cards trade for under 8k, and even 88 rated cards don’t go much higher than 10k. Or, you can buy it during promotions and reward days when there is a lot of supply, such as 6pm, 7pm and 8pm UK time on Fridays for promos like Black Friday and FUT Freeze, or 9am on Thursday when Division Rivals Rewards are given out and players have plenty of cards to sell.

Then all you have to do is wait for the right SBCs. Use a website like FUThead or FUTbin to watch the price of your investments and sell if they go up a healthy amount. 86-rated players that we like for it FIFA 22 include Parejo, Mats Hummels and Sergio Busquets. Much luck.

Preview packages

FIFA Ultimate Team - How to Make Coins.  Credit: EA
FIFA Ultimate Team – How to Make Coins. Credit: EA

Tested last year and now a staple of FIFA 22, Preview Packs are a way to open a pack to see what’s inside and then decide if you want to buy them. Just go to the store and you should be able to open a Premium Gold Preview Pack every 24 hours with no obligation to purchase. If something good comes up that is worth more than the package (7500 coins), then buy it and sell the item. You probably won’t get lucky that often, but if you preview every day for a few months, you will get rich at least once.

Also, keep an eye out for special preview packs that will be released during the promotional periods, assuming EA Sports brings them back. You may even be able to preview things like Rare Player Packs, Jumbo Rare Player Packs, and Ultimate Packs. Just be careful that this makes the math a little more complicated. Is a new promo card worth more than a 125,000 Ultimate Pack? Maybe, maybe not. Well worth checking out before investing.

Bronze pack method

FIFA Ultimate Team - How to Make Coins.  Credit: EA
FIFA Ultimate Team – How to Make Coins. Credit: EA

It’s not for everyone, but if you don’t mind opening a large number of packs with pretty bland contents then the Bronze Pack Method (BPM) can be a great way to keep your coin balance going. Essentially, you’re opening up the cheapest bronze package (previously for 400 coins, though EA may have removed this for.) FIFA 22 – currently the cheapest is the 750 Premium Bronze Pack) and sell anything that has value or use it to complete league SBCs (introduced in the game a few months).

Bronze cards are usually not worth much, but when league SBCs go live some of them rise in value as they become important parts of the SBC solutions for those leagues. For example, a Premier League team may only have a few left-backs, one of whom is bronze while the other is a superstar that costs 10,000 coins. This inevitably inflates the price of the bronze card accordingly. So when you find players from the major leagues in your bronze packs, they often have some hidden value.

You will also have a ton of bronze players who are worthless in the market and these should then be put into the SBC bronze upgrade package which gives you two silver players. These silver players can be useful to the league SBCs as well, and if not, you can keep them until you have enough of the silver upgrade package SBC etc. Looping through BPM this way requires opening many packs – hundreds if not thousands – and can consume anything, but empty thumbs do the devil’s work, and you are better off doing BPM with the companion app than spending coins on other SBCs during your lunch break.

Lightning lap and reward day flips

FIFA Ultimate Team - How to Make Coins.  Credit: EA
FIFA Ultimate Team – How to Make Coins. Credit: EA

One of the ways to make coins is one of the ways we enjoy the most, by using periods of great supply of Snipe cards below their market value and then reselling them when the market recovers to previous levels. This happens once a week on Rewards Day, also known as Thursday, when the Division Rivals Rewards go live at 9 a.m. UK time. (Thursday also used to be the day players received FUT Champions rewards, but the format has changed for FIFA 22so the impact on the market may not be as profound – we have yet to see.)

But it’s especially fun during Lightning Rounds. Lightning laps are when EA Sports puts a limited number of high-quality packs in the store until they sell out. They usually happen on Fridays and Saturdays when new in-game promotions like FUT Freeze, Team of the Year, and Future Stars go live, and they see eager players with deep pockets spending literally millions of pounds to Rare in a matter of minutes Open Player Packs, Jumbo Rare Player Packs and Ultimate Packs at 6pm, 7pm and 8pm UK time respectively.

The trick to making FUT coins out of these periods is not to buy the packs as they rarely have good value. It consists of writing down in advance the prices of the cards people want, be it high-end SBC fodder or just meta-players, and trying to snag them at much lower prices while people are rushing to get them Sell ​​the contents of their Lightning Round Packs.

The sheer volume of people opening packs in such intense minutes means the market is absolutely inundated with desirable cards, which is driving prices down temporarily, and that’s when you pounce. Then just wait until a little later in the evening when supplies are back to normal, sell the cards and deposit the winnings. (Just make sure you factor in the 5% EA transaction tax when calculating the buying and selling prices.)

Don’t waste coins and cards!

FIFA 22 PSG Stadium
FIFA 22. Photo credit: EA Sports

This directive may sound like a given, but we would be lying if we said we were able to follow it for most of the years. The thing with FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is that EA Sports wants you to lose coins to the health of the in-game economy. Hence, they produce SBCs that take away value from the market in the form of cards that must be purchased to complete the puzzle – a card that is bought for 40,000 and placed in an SBC means that 40,000 is no longer part of the domestic market. Game economics are. This is why there are always so many tempting SBCs – guaranteed promo cards, exciting SBC players, etc. That is why you never end up with FUT coins at the end of the game, but a club full of non-tradable players that you barely touch.

The easiest way to have more FUT coins than normal is to reject this system. When you see player SBCs that look pretty good, you seriously wonder if the player will improve your roster dramatically. It shouldn’t be good enough to improve it a little. If it does not, then do not perform the SBC. Keep the value in your club and save it for the absolutely brilliant player who comes later. Or buy a similar player from the market – even if its value goes down, it will still have some value, but your SBC player will not. And when League SBCs go live and you want the packs but can’t complete the squads, don’t just buy all of the players from the market to roll the dice with the rewards package. The house always wins.

The truth is that if you have a decent team and play a bit of Division Rivals, FUT Champions, and Squad Battles most weeks but don’t complete endless SBCs, your squad isn’t constantly buying and selling and not making side-to-side player purchases on the transfer market, Gradually pile up huge treasures and be able to buy a real upgrade for your team in no time at all.

And if you do find out how to develop the willpower to play FUT this way, please let us know because we would benefit as much from it as anyone else!

FIFA 22 was released on October 1st for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S | X and Google Stadia.

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