J’khand Cash Case: Bizman Saw ‘bag in the office, not contents’ | Kolkata News

KOLKATA: Mahendra agarwhalethe Salt Lake City businessman who is being questioned in the Jharkhand cash case has previously claimed CID Officers that the Rs 50 lakh bag found in the MLAs’ car was “in his office” but he “was not aware of its contents”. However, sniffer dogs are unconvinced as two of the three arrested MLAs claimed to have received an additional Rs.75 lakh from the same office.
Police began questioning Agarwal on Wednesday after Rs 3.3 lakh in cash and 250 silver coins were seized at his office in Bikaner House on Lalbazar Street on Tuesday. His interrogation began at the agency’s headquarters in Bhawani Bhawan, but barely an hour and a half later, Agarwal was complaining of illness. As no abnormalities were found in his EKG, CT scan, X-ray and even psychiatric tests, he was brought back to Bhawani Bhawan. Agarwal was allowed to go at night but returned alone on Thursday morning.
Sources said Agarwal told police someone had kept a bag in his office on July 30, but he did not know the contents. “He said he didn’t know what was in it. He claimed that later in the day a man on a scooter arrived, took the bag from his office and left,” an official said.
Agarwal said he did not know the man who brought the bag to his office nor the man who took it.
MLAs Irfan Ansari, Rajesh Kachhap and Naman Bixal were arrested by Howrah Police on Saturday.
Police have learned that Ansari and Kachhap were in Kolkata on July 21 – the day Trinamool held its Martyrs’ Day rally – and were at the Bikaner House office to collect 75,000 rupees. Cops question Agarwal about it.
Meanwhile, two separate teams of CID officers were in Delhi and Guwahati on Thursday but were stopped by local police. While Delhi police allegedly prevented CID from enforcing a search warrant at the home of a communications specialist, Guwahati police officers prevented CID officers from obtaining the search warrant video surveillance Shots from the airport.
Trinamool raised the issue for the second time houses of Parliament on Thursday, demanding answers from the center. BJP’s Suvendu Adhikari accused the CID of trying its best to conduct an investigation.

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