Kartik Popli’s gunshot wound “self-inflicted”, finds first autopsy report

THE PRELIMINARY autopsy report of Kartik Popli, the son of IAS officer Sanjay Popli accused of bribery, suggests the gunshot wound he sustained was “self-inflicted”.

Kartik Popli, a law graduate, was found dead at his home in Sector 11 on June 25 when a Punjab Vigilance Bureau team brought his father Sanjay to the home to recover in the transplant case.

Kartik had reportedly used his father’s licensed 7.65mm handgun to shoot himself. A special panel of doctors set up at the PGI had carried out an autopsy on the body on June 27th.

“The initial autopsy report, after considering several aspects such as the size of the wound, the presence of gunpowder on the wound as well as the victim’s left hand, and the direction and trajectory of the bullet, concludes that the gunshot wound was self-inflicted. From the beginning there were numerous indications that Kartik Popli might have died by suicide. We are unable to comment on the allegations made by the victim’s parents at this time,” said a police officer linked to the case.

Police sources said: “The ground floor room where Kartik shot himself was found open. However, the family had closed the main door to prevent police from bringing out the body. Police later had to break down the main door to get the body out. A Chandigarh Police Forensic Mobile Team inspected the crime scene and found the presence of gunpowder on the victim’s left hand.”

On June 25, when Kartik’s body was recovered, the guard team had confiscated nine gold bars (total weight nine kilograms); 49 gold biscuits (total weight 3.16 kilograms); 12 gold coins (total weight 356 grams); three silver stones (each weighing one kilogram), 18 silver coins (each weighing 10 grams); four Apple iPhones, one Samsung clamshell and two Samsung smartwatches, and Rs. 3.5 lakh cash from the house.

The 7.65mm pistol allegedly used by Kartik was sent to CFSL-36 for ballistics examination, along with a blank shell recovered at the site. The investigation into the case is ongoing at Sector 11 Police Station.

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