A new and sustainable version of the Sunset Strip, 8850 Sunset will activate the heart of West Hollywood with a remarkable mixed-use vision that will include a five-star luxury hotel, a re-Planned Viper space, recording studio, affordable housing, conference/meeting space and private apartments

LOS ANGELES, March 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Silver Creek Development in partnership with MiamiArchitecture and design firm Arquitectonica today unveiled a newly updated design for 8850 Sunset Boulevard, a mixed-use development on the Sunset Strip in the United States City of West HollywoodStart of construction is planned for 2023.

8850 Sunset Blvd

Project 8850 Sunset is designed to further revitalize the Sunset Strip while paying tribute to its rich heritage of bars, retail space, a five-star luxury hotel and residences. Building on the unique history of the local area, the development will feature a reimagined Viper Room by the Rockwell Group. The Viper Room will feature a redesigned public entrance that references the design of the iconic space, as well as a new music venue and recording studio that will also pay tribute to the history, authenticity and soul of the popular nightclub in a new contemporary setting.

“We are excited to bring forth this outstanding mixed-use project that combines an unparalleled level of luxury and attention to detail with a historic location on the iconic Sunset Strip. The project is a complimentary offering to the Strip and will include a five-star luxury hotel to make 8850 Sunset a premier destination in the heart of West Hollywood,” called Karl EssigManaging Director at Silver Creek Development.

Since Silver Creek originally proposed a redevelopment of the 8850 Sunset site in 2018, it has worked closely with the community and made significant public contributions to the project. Working with architectural firm Arquitectonica, the newly announced design responds to this feedback and aims to blend seamlessly into the surrounding landscape West Hollywood, by integrating sustainable public and private green spaces into the contemporary vision. Arquitectonica focuses on ecologically sensitive but economically viable design and is widely recognized for its ability to create unique forms of memorable images in close harmony with the environment, making them an ideal partner for the revitalization of this area.

The residential part of the design includes 26 standard condominiums and 8 affordable residential units as well as state-of-the-art residential facilities. With the spirit of neighborhood in mind, the pedestrian zone is celebrated with the introduction of a horizontal architectural feature that emphasizes the street-level experience and enriches the public space. Alfresco dining and leisure terraces with green spaces are complemented by the unique panoramic views, surrounding hills and activity of the Sunset Strip.

“The design is defined by a series of thin horizontal planes that fade into the sky. These architectural horizon lines rise from a base of ever-changing, dynamic perforated bronze panels that anchor the building to the ground. It’s the story of the earth and the endless Pacific horizon,” he said Bernardo Fort BresciaCo-founder of Arquitectonica.

8850 Sunset is the latest in the transformative development of the iconic Sunset Strip, which has expanded in recent years with a number of new developments and mixed-use buildings.

The customized form of the building, which will encompass approximately 237,234 enclosed square feet and 12 stories, maximizes breathtaking views, light and open space connections that reflect the local environment and surrounding skyline. At street level, a two-story podium containing cafes, public spaces, the Viper Room entrance and shops reflects the scale and granularity of traditional storefronts along Sunset Boulevard, creating a site-specific dialogue between the new development and the surrounding area. Floors two through five will be dedicated to the five-star luxury hotel that will take up residence at the project’s premiere, and the associated residences will occupy floors six through ten. Large Juliet balconies will contrast with the facade of the hotel and residences, with outdoor and leisure terraces integrated throughout. An open plan residential rooftop and pool combine with the hotel’s Presidential Suite and rooftop amenities to create an unrivaled top-level destination for the public with panoramic city, hill and ocean views. The tenth floor features a restaurant and bar with an alfresco dining terrace and events space that will serve as a vibrant new alfresco dining and social space on the Sunset Strip.

The design aims to achieve a LEED Gold standard, which includes passive and active strategies to reduce water and energy use and environmental impact. Taking advantage of the Southern California Climate, the building maximizes energy savings and enhances the qualities of the landscape, with a green roof on the podium and continuous planters on the balcony edges of the condominium. These landscaped areas reduce heat and energy loads, act as buffers for stormwater management, and create natural habitats for local fauna, while providing health benefits to building occupants by reducing air and noise pollution and providing a connection to nature in an urban setting. All spaces in the building are designed to maximize natural ventilation and daylight while reducing direct sunlight. The facade and exterior of the building will incorporate high-performance glass, highly insulating facades and green roofs to minimize energy consumption.

About the commercial development of Silver Creek
Silver Creek Development (SCD) is a Los Angeles-based real estate developer developing projects that revitalize underutilized locations to improve the way people live, work and play in the 21st century. SCD values ​​the opportunity to work with local contractors, consultants, community leaders and residents in each market they invest in, allowing for greater impact on overall development. Together with its partners, SCD carefully examines the feasibility, economic impact and public benefits of a proposed project to determine the risks associated with each investment. With over 30 years of collective expertise, SCD has experience developing over 10 million square feet of mixed-use projects in markets spanning from new York to Berlin.

About Plus Development
headquarters in Los Angeles with offices in new Yorkand Miami, Plus Development is a real estate development company specializing in design-led residential, multi-family, commercial/hospitality, creative office and retail projects from land acquisition to ownership and sale. The company was founded on a passion for real estate and a desire to work with the best firms and individuals in the industry, from architects, interior designers, engineers, general contractors, corporations and business partners. Plus Development brings cross-industry expertise and a tailored and methodical approach to every single project, spanning site selection, due diligence, underwriting, highest and best use, design, permissions and permitting strategies through to team selection, bidding and overall management of the design and construction process and the sale or management of the asset.

About Arquitectonica
Arquitectonica is considered one of the pioneers of globalization in the architectural profession. Since its founding in 1977, the company received almost immediate attention and acclaim from critics and the public for its bold modernism, which was immediately equated with a renaissance Miami’s urban landscape. Led by principals Bernardo Fort Brescia and Laurinda Spear, Arquitectonica continues to push the boundaries of design with its innovative use of materials, geometry, pattern and color to introduce the world to a new brand of humanistic, modern design. Arquitectonica has received hundreds of design awards and his groundbreaking work has been the subject of exhibitions in numerous museums and institutions. With offices inside Miami, new York, Los Angeles, Paris, Hong Kong, shanghai, manila, Lima and Sao PauloArquitectonica has a strong presence on the international stage and its practice spans the globe, with projects in 59 countries on five continents.



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