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MOULTRIE – The Moultrie YMCA bronze, silver, gold and 4 levels attended the 32nd Sunbelt Shindig, the second meeting of the season, on September 25th.

“It was great to do this again, especially since we couldn’t last year,” said Gymnastics Director Pat Murphy.

“Our MG Parents Club is doing a great job preparing me for the big day and then volunteering for the competition. I couldn’t do it with them, our YMCA program is blessed. ”

The day began with the bronze team battling Veronika Brace, who was leading for 1st place in the Sr. class with an overall score of 36.425. She also took 1st place in the jump, 9.0 bars, 9.425 and floor, 9th and 3rd place on the bar, 8.95.

“Veronika is new to this level and is becoming more trainable with every workout,” said coach Dawn Harvell.

Khloe Booth was 1st AA in the JR. Group with 36.1 0AA. She took 1st place in the jump, 9.25 and floor, 8.9.

Nolie Thompson placed 2nd AA with 35.9 in the age group JR and it was her first meeting of the new season. She reached first place on the bar, 9.25 and bar, 9.35, both personal bests. She was second on the floor with an 8.75.

Naomi DeLaCruz achieved 4 personal top marks on the bars, 9.2, 3rd place, bar 9.15, 2nd floor 8,825 2nd place and AA 35,875. She was 3rd on the safe.

Isabel Alligood also had 4 personal top marks in the jump, 8.9 2nd place on parallel bars, 9.325 2nd place bar 9.2 for 1st place and AA 35,775 for 3rd place. She was also 3rd on the floor.

Julianne Carson got 5 top marks in all of her events. She was 2nd on the bar with a 9.05 plus 3rd in the jump, 8.95, bar, 9.0 and AA 35.7.

Adysen Hall took 1st AA in the age group children with 35.4. Hall took 2nd place in all of their events, jump 8.3, bars 9.0, bar, 9.1 and floor, 9.0. She got top marks at all events except the safe.

Melanie Lopez also had best performances in 4 events and 2nd place in the AA with 35,375. She was 1st at the bar, 9.325 and bar 9.5. Lopez scored the team’s highest score when meeting at the balance beam. It was also 3rd floor, 8.8.

Maddy Booth improved all of her scores, taking 1st place in the jump, 8.55 and floor, 9.15. She also took 3rd place on the bar, 8.95 and AA 35.35.

Lilly Kent had her best meet ever with an AA of 35.3. She finished 2nd in the jump, 9,175 and parallel bars, 9,075 and 3rd on the ground, 8,75.

Whitley Bozeman also had her personal top marks at all events, taking 3rd place in jump, 8.0 and bars, 8.9. Her AA was 33.6.

“I was proud that all of our bronze girls stayed on the beam and that we didn’t have any falls,” commented coach Dawn Harvell. “Many times a beam can make or break a competition, so I was excited to see how well this team does and the future of these gymnasts.”

“Today’s preparation determines tomorrow’s performance. I have goals with my silver team. Many points were higher in this meeting, ”said coach Jeremy Merritt.

“Joselyn Juarez has always been a perfectionist at training and really has a great sense of space so she always makes her own corrections as soon as she lands. She is an amazing athlete. “

Juarez led the silver team to a 1st place team award. Her AA was 37.3 for 1st place in the JR age group. She also took first place in vault, 9.0 and bar, 9.55 and second place on bar, 9.5 and floor, 9.25. Joselyn counted on every event for the team classification.

Back to our team in a new level was Chloe Avera who got a 36.8 AA for 2nd place. Chloe took 1st place on the bar, 9.475, 2nd place on the bar, 9.375 and 3rd place on the jump, 9.1.

Joslyn Merritt also broke her records in the SR group with bars and AA 36.3 for 3rd place. Her best event is bars, where she scored a 9.475 for 1st place.

Ansley Lane in the children’s class took first place on the bar with a maximum score of 9.375 and she finished 3rd AA with 35.975 and jump, 8.7, all personal top marks.

Carley Jackson did well with 35.9 in the AA for 4th place. She got two nines, one on Bars, 9.1 and Beam, 9.0.

Callee Golden took 3rd place on the bar with the top grade of 9.425. She earned a nine on the floor that counted for the team standings, 9,075 for 4th place, and her AA rating was 35.85, 5th place.

Kenya Poblete achieved 4 personal top marks on the bar, 9.2 4th, bar 9.2 2nd and bottom, 8.85 6th and AA 35.8 for 4th place.

Lylah Anderson scored 9.475 for the team at the bar and 9.2 at the bottom, and came in second for both. She had her highest AA score of 35,775 for 5th place in her age group.

Raley Merritt had her highest beam score ever, 9.3 for 3rd place and 2nd place in the jump, which counts for our team ranking. She was 5th AA with 35.4.

The US level 4 team took first place in the meet.

“You worked so hard to correct the prints we got at the Thomasville meeting,” said Harvell.

“You have set yourself the challenge of performing better and showing your new skills with perfection.”

Bella Raleigh, the team’s top scorer, finished 1st in the AA with 35.05, her personal best.

“Bella has improved a lot at her jump and bars since we last met. She worked extra hard during training and all of her events got higher scores. I was very pleased, ”said Harvell.

She took 1st place in the jump, 9.25 and bar with 8.6, 2nd on the bar, 8.95 and 3rd on the floor, 8.25. Bella now holds the MG AA record for this new level.

Kayla Scroggins in the same Senior A age group scored a 34.9 AA and finished second.

“Kayla had an excellent blasting routine and was putting her new skills to use,” said Harvell.

She took first place on the beam, 9.2 and floor, 8.7 plus second place on the vault, 9.0 and third on the beam.

Leah Shaw placed 3rd AA with 34.6. Her biggest event was jump, 8.95 for 3rd place and she finished 2nd on the beam, 8.55 and floor.

In the JR age group, Nataleigh Bryant took 1st AA with 32.65 when she first met at this level. She took 1st place in the jump, 8.85 was her score on bars and floor for 2nd place.

Emma Thompson took 1st place on beam 8.65 and floor, 8.925.

“Emma’s floor routine was elegant; this routine has a lot of dance and a lot of detail. She deserved the highest score, ”said Harvell.

Eliza Jane Reagan and Jayden Williams were unable to attend the meeting.

Ansley Key took part in Xcel Gold and was able to improve significantly compared to the Thomasville meeting.

“Our team goal was to make 4 nines between two groups; Ansley did her part with a 5/9 on the floor for 2nd place. Your fall was much better, ”said Harvell.

She took second place on the bar, 8.7 and third place in the jump, 8.75 and AA 34.25.

“This was a good learning experience for the girls emerging at new levels,” Murphy concluded. “It’s always stressful, but I was happy with the result. The jury helped us with ways to improve our team that we will be teaching next week. The MG Parents Club worked hard to make this event a very successful fundraiser. ”

The teams will travel to Valdosta for the next competition.

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