Negro Baseball Leagues Coin Introductory Prices End February 7th

Images showing some of the 2022 Negro Leagues baseball commemorative coins

Introductory pricing ends Monday, February 7th for the gold, silver and plated 2022 Negro Baseball Leagues commemorative coins that went on sale on January 6th.

Regular US Mint prices for the coins come into effect on the 7th at 3:00 p.m. EST. At this point, the price of each coin increases by $5.

On January 6, the US Mint began selling nine products celebrating the 100th anniversary of Negro Leagues Baseball. In addition to the standard circulation or product limits, two out of nine also have other limits that are only available for 30 days. One of them, the Negro Leagues Baseball Silver Dollar with a secret sign shaped like a diamond, has already sold out. The other is the Negro Leagues Baseball Proof Silver Dollar and Jackie Robinson Silver Medal Set. The sale ends on the 7th, also at 3:00 p.m

Here is a table summarizing the prices and recent sales of the commemorative coins:

PRODUCT OPTION Edition/Product Restrictions ENTIRE SOLD (as of Jan. 30) INTRO PRICE*


2022-W Proof gold coin valued at $5 50,000 across all product options 1,064

Per Grid – $5
(currently $674)

Per grid
2022-W $5 Uncirculated Gold Coin 854 Per Grid – $5
(currently $664)
Per grid
2022-P Proof Silver Dollar 400,000 across all product options 11,723 $74.00 $79
2022-P Uncirculated Silver Dollar 5,464 $69.00 $74
2022-S Proof Half Dollar 400,000 across all product options 11,599 $35.00 $40
2022-D Uncirculated Half Dollar 6,540 $33.00 $38
2022 Three Coin Proof Set 5,000 2,740 N / A Per grid
(currently $787.25)
Silver Dollar/Jackie Robinson Medal Set 15,000 and only available for 30 days 9,043 N / A $135
Silver dollar with secret sign 20,000 and only available for 30 days 19,997 / Sold out N / A $85

*Prices for commemorative gold coins are based on the Mint’s bullion coin pricing grid. This pricing is subject to change weekly (implemented on Wednesdays) based on market fluctuations.

Pursuant to the Negro Leagues Baseball Centennial Commemorative Coin Act (Pub. L. 116-209), product prices include surcharges of $35 for each $5 gold coin; $10 for every silver dollar; and $5 for every half dollar. The surcharges for educational and outreach programs and exhibitions are paid to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, provided the products fetch more than their production and issuing costs.

Visit the US Mint’s commemorative page for more information or to order coins.

The estimated shipping date for the commemorative coins is April 27th.

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