Negro Leagues Secret-Marked Baseball Dollar Sells Out

US Mint customers placed enough orders to exhaust the 20,000-coin edition of the secretly marked 2022-P Negro Leagues Baseball Commemorative Silver Dollars, albeit not on the first day of sale, unlike other recent limited-edition Mint products.

The Mint’s Jan. 9 sales report for the program records that 19,992 of the coins were sold, putting the coin in “currently unavailable” status. According to the Mint, on the first day of the presale, Jan. 6, 8,960 silver dollars were sold with the secret token Proof.

Interested collectors will likely not have a second opportunity to place orders for the coin unless the matching of orders and cancellations brings a significant number of the coins back into the Mint’s inventory.

The commemorative coin program celebrates the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Negro Baseball Leagues in 2020.

The program’s silver dollar features the obverse design of a baseball pitcher raised entirely on the mound. On the inaugurated version of the dollar coin, the number 100, superimposed over the shape of a baseball diamond, is in the box below the pitcher’s right knee.

The Commemorative Coin Program Enabling Act, Public Law 116-209, authorizes the production and release in Proof and Uncirculated versions, combined across all product options, of up to 50,000 gold $5 coins, 400,000 silver dollars, and 750,000 copper-nickel plated halfs Dollar.

The Jan. 9 sales report posted to the Mint’s website lists the following sales. We consider pre-sale prices (followed by the regular issue price, if applicable):
➤ Single Proof 2022-W Negro Leagues Baseball $5 Gold Coin, $674: 891 coins sold.
➤Single Uncirculated 2022-W Negro Leagues Baseball Gold Coin Value $5, $664:739.
➤ Single Proof 2022-P Negro Leagues Baseball Silver Dollar, $74 ($79): 8,312.
➤ Single Uncirculated 2022-P Negro Leagues Baseball Silver Dollar, $69 ($74): 4,249.
➤ Three Coin Proof Set (5,000 products, one per household), $787.25: 2,194 sets.
➤ Coin and Medal Set (15,000 products, one per household), $135: 6,832 sets.
➤ Single Proof 2022-S Negro Leagues Baseball Cupro-Nickel Plated Half Dollar, $35 ($40): 8,979 coins.
➤ Single Uncirculated 2022-D Negro Leagues Baseball Cupro-Nickel Plated Half Dollar, $33 ($38): 5,489 coins.

Shipping of the commemorative coin products is scheduled to begin on April 27th.

The pre-sale period for the program ends at 3:00 p.m. ET on February 7, when regular subscription prices go into effect.

The prices for the $5 gold coin and all products containing it are reviewed weekly, with changes being possible depending on the spot price of gold.

The secret-signed silver dollar, priced at $85 each, was limited to an issue of 20,000 coins, limited to one coin per household.

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