NSW police for help with silver robbery | Moree champion

One million dollar silver bars have mysteriously disappeared somewhere on the road between Sydney and Melbourne, and police are investigating whether someone with inside knowledge was behind the brazen attack.

NSW police say 192 individual 5-kilogram silver bars were stolen from a truck that left NSW on a Friday afternoon last month and arrived in Melbourne at 8 a.m. the following Monday.

The shipment was transported with a Kenworth truck and a silver Krueger trailer.

It’s an unusual type of theft, Detective Acting Superintendent Paul Smith, who is the commandant of the Robbery and Serious Crime Squad, told reporters on Tuesday.

“Fortunately, we don’t see much of it,” he said.

“Of course we don’t want it to become a trend, that’s why we invest a lot of resources and time to catch those involved.”

The police want anyone to report who has been approached by someone trying to sell large quantities of silver.

They posted photos of the silver bars that have a distinctive stamp on them.

The value of the silver bullion is estimated at $ 1,015,000.

There are no suspects, but the police are investigating several times, including whether anyone who had inside knowledge of the show may have been involved.

The Kenworth truck is owned by a large shipping company based in Sydney.

The security arrangements around the transport of the silver are not a matter for the police, said Mr Smith, but the driver is helping with the investigation.

Australian Associated Press

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