Perth Mint gold bar sales accelerate in February 2022

Australian bullion products split in February, with gold sales hitting a three-month high while silver sales slowed from a searing pace in January, latest figures from the Perth Mint of Australia show.

A CoinNews photo showing both sides of 2022 Australian 1 ounce Kangaroo silver coins

The mint’s bullion gains were offset by rising precious metals, with LBMA prices rising 6.4% for gold and 8.2% for silver in February.

Silver Bullion Sales February 2022

The Perth Mint sales of minted silver coins and silver bars totaled 1,632,323 in February, down 31.6% from January (when they hit their second-highest on record) and 10.8% from February 2021 was recorded.

“Demand for Australian silver coins remains extremely high around the world and our authorized resellers would like to purchase more product than we are currently able to supply,” said Neil Vance, general manager of Minted Products.

Their year-to-date gold sales are 4,019,488 ounces, up 34.3% from the 2,993,591 sold in the first two months of last year.

Gold bullion sales in February 2022

Sales of minted gold coins and bullion from the Perth Mint reached 72,651 ounces in February, up 8.9% from January but down 41.5% from February 2021, when they posted the second-highest monthly total since the beginning of the recorded records.

“As many people would expect in the current crisis environment, interest in physical gold is also increasing and this is reflected in rising sales of The Perth Mint’s leading gold coins and minted bars,” added Vance.

The Perth Mint’s gold sales for the year to date are 139,360 ounces, down 30.4% from the 200,207 ounces sold in the same period last year.

Perth Mint gold and silver sales by month

Below is a monthly summary of The Perth Mint’s bullion sales from February 2021 to February 2022. The figures show the monthly ounces of gold and silver shipped by The Perth Mint as minted products to wholesale and retail customers worldwide. Excludes the sale of ingots and other Group activities, including the sale of allocated/unallocated bullion for custodian storage.

Perth Mint Bullion Sales (in troy ounces)
silver gold
February 2022 1,632,323 72,651
January 2022 2,387,165 66,709
December 2021 1,733,293 54,861
November 2021 1,530,598 115,872
October 2021 1,352,275 59,750
Sep 2021 1,789,926 98,753
Aug 2021 1,467,229 53,976
July 2021 1,302,723 70,658
June 2021 1,823,029 72,910
May 2021 1,700,807 91.146
April 2021 1,798,210 101,379
March 2021* 1,600,000 130,730
February 2021 1,830,707 124.104

*Perth Mint released approximate sales data for March. Specifically, the Mint said it shipped “more than 130,000 troy ounces of gold and nearly 1.6 million troy ounces of silver” in March. Later data put gold sales in March 2021 at 130,730 ounces.

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