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NEDERLAND – Nederland’s own brewery continues to make a name for itself, this time winning medals at a craft beer competition in Texas.

Buckstin Brewing Co., 1211 Boston Ave., The Netherlands won a bronze medal for Birra D’Oro, an Italian Pilsner, and a silver medal for Chugboat Island, a Belgian Dubbel.

Randy Edwards, who directs sales, said this is the opening event for the Texas Craft Brewers Cup, held in Austin on Saturday. The competition was fierce with 131 breweries taking part and 755 beer entries judged.

Buckstin has medals and ribbons from other competitions including the 2020 US. Open Beer Championship, Gold for The Mute Season and Silver for Easy Breezy Blonde.

This year’s medal hasn’t arrived yet, but will take the form of a bolo-style tie.

Justin Buchanan-Lopez, who owns the tavern with his wife Gabriuelle Blanco, said Italian Pilsner is new to them.

“I do a lot of research and gather a lot of background information when developing a recipe,” said Buchanan-Lopez. “We’ve never brewed anything like it before and we were happy with how it turned out and super excited that it was so recognized on its first visit.”

Buckstin beer brand is popping up in local grocery stores.

Edwards said they began distribution in early September, initially to restaurants and bars.

“Now we currently have four HEBs and four Market Baskets, soon to have seven and five Express Marts, and we also have an arrangement with some independent liquor stores,” Edwards said.

Buchanan-Lopez wonders why some people still don’t know about their business.

“It’s crazy for us that it’s only been two years, but we still have people here who had no idea that we were open, that there was a brewery in the Netherlands,” he said. “And we’re as family-friendly as it gets. We like to think of ourselves as a pizzeria as well as a brewery.”

The brewery is not housed in a huge facility. The tavern/restaurant is located on Boston Avenue and offers brewing essentials in the back of the building while the tavern/restaurant is in the front.

“As you can see, our facility is not huge,” he said. “We work almost around the clock, as soon as the tank is empty we fill it up again.”

At the moment the plan is to continue fulfilling orders, keeping their beer in stores and continuing to create new beers.

“We mostly want to brew traditional 2-style beers. When you get a Belgian dubbel from us, we want it to taste like you have a traditional Belgian dubbel made in Belgium,” he said.

Buchanan-Lopez doesn’t mind investing in the research for his beers. He reads every book he can find, searches YouTube, googles, or goes to a forum.

And where at home there were 5 gallon batches that, if not properly poured, a batch at the brewery may be 225 gallons, or the Dubbel batches are about 450 gallons of beer.

Also, they brew three to four days a week.

For more information, call 409-519-8091.

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