Rich Dad Poor Dad Author Anticipates Market Crash, Promotes Silver, Bitcoin

  • Robert Kiyosaki has warned of a massive market crash, hyperinflation and an impending depression.
  • The author of Rich Dad Poor Dad has advised buying gold, silver, bitcoin and even toilet paper.
  • Here are 10 of Kiyosaki’s best tweets so far this year.

Robert Kiyosaki has sounded the alarm on multiple asset bubbles, raising the prospect of an epic market crash, hyperinflation and even an economic crisis


in a barrage of tweets this year.

The Rich Dad Poor Dad author and personal finance expert has seen the next downturn as an opportunity for bargains, recommending buying gold, silver, bitcoin and even household products.

Here are 10 of his best tweets this year, slightly edited for clarity:

1. “WOW: words of wisdom. ‘Your profits are made when you buy, not when you sell.’ Bitcoin price is crashing Great news I bought bitcoin at $6,000 and $9,000 I will buy more if and when bitcoin tests $20,000 Time to get rich is coming Silver is the best bargain today. Silver is still 50% off the high.” (January 24th)

2. “WORLD WAR THIRD? Just bought 2,500 US Silver Eagles in 5 Green Boxes. Why silver? Gold has already gone up. Bitcoin still too high. Silver 50% below all-time high. Silver is an industrial metal and money is silver because it is liquid and can be spent without government tracking.” (7th March)

3. “DO YOU HAVE A PLAN ‘B’? We are in the BIGGEST BUBBLE in world history. Bubbles in stocks, real estate, commodities and oil. FUTURE? Possible DEPRESSION due to HYPERINFLATION Stock market, build your own wealth, use debt as money, save gold, silver, bitcoin, weapons.” (8th of March)

4. “BIDEN & FED want INFLATION to pay off trillions of debt. BEST INVESTMENT may stock products that you will always use, such as:

Toilet paper

Garbage bags, canned food, frozen food, gold, silver, bitcoin.” (the 14th of March)

5. “Will Smith beats Chris Rock at Oscars. Biden beats Putin on the world stage. Toxic Masculinity. world in trouble. National debt is through the roof. Biden causes inflation and blames Putin, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Solana before WWIII.” (March 29th)

6. “Wiley COYOTE moment is coming. Biggest bubble bust is coming. Baby boomers’ pensions are being stolen. $10 trillion in counterfeit spending is ending. Government, Wall Street and Fed are thieves. Hyperinflation depression here. Buy gold, silver, bitcoin before the coyote wake up. Take care.” (April 16)

7. “Q: What is the RISKY COST INVESTMENT in a GLOBAL meltdown? Stocks or Bonds? A: Bonds. Tragically, novice investors follow the rookie advice of a mix of 60 (stocks) and 40 (bonds). Remember, a college degree is not a cure for STUPIDNESS.” (April 18th)

8. “ALL BUBBLES become ALL PLACE. Could this be the start of the greatest depression of all time? I’m worried. WORLD OF DEBT & WARS led by lying LEADERS. Great news is that Twitter could accept ELON’s offer. FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION & TRUTH in the MEDIA is the way back to honest global PROSPERITY.” (April 25th)

9. “BITCOIN CRASHING. Good news. As mentioned in previous tweets, I’m waiting for Bitcoin to crash to $20,000. Will then wait for the test of the low which could be $17,000. As soon as I know that rock bottom has been reached, I drive back. Crashes are best times to get rich. Take care.” (12th of May)

10. “RICH DAD said, ‘Bull markets make dumb investors look smart. Bear markets make stupid investors losers and smart investors winners.’ The markets collapse. Time for smart investors to become very rich winners. Take care.” (May 21st)

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