Smartphone shipments continue to decline, why and where is the biggest drop

The slide in smartphone broadcasts continues. That’s according to the latest report from the market research firm I.D.Cworldwide smartphone Deliveries in the second quarter of 2022 fell by 8.7% year-on-year. This is the fourth consecutive quarter of decline for the smartphone market. The report adds that shipments have fallen to 286 million units.
Reasons behind the decline in the smartphone market
The report suggests that the demand restraints in the market are one of the reasons behind the drop in smartphone shipments. In addition, rapid inflation and economic uncertainty around the world have dampened consumer spending and increased inventories in all regions. OEM (OEMs) have scaled back orders for the remainder of the year. Chinese suppliers top this list, making the biggest cuts as their largest market continues to struggle. The report has a silver lining, however, as it sees demand picking up through the end of this year.

“From a regional perspective, the biggest decline in the second quarter was in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), as expected, down 36.5% yoy as the war in Ukraine continues to hurt sales in the region. However, from a quantitative point of view CEE accounts for only 6% of global shipments. So the world’s biggest drop in volume came from China, which fell 14.3% year over year.
The top companies in the smartphone market
However, the challenging environment did not bring about a change in the provider’s position in terms of leadership. Samsung continues to lead the market with 21.8% market share.

Apple took second place with 15.6% market share. Chinese smartphone manufacturer xiaomi took third place with a 13.8% market share. In fourth place was a tie between Chinese brands Oppo and Vivo with 8.6% and 8.7% market share, respectively.
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