Stevie Nicks wishes she could change the trait that drove her career

Despite appearing confident and ethereal, Stevie Nicks says she has changed something about her personality. While this trait can advance her formidable career, she wishes she could change it. Here’s what she had to say about the one thing that she was going to change in herself.

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Stevie Nicks knew from a young age that she wanted to be a songwriter

Nicks sowed a life as a musician before she could even read. Her grandfather, AJ Nicks, was a dedicated, if unsuccessful, country singer who realized that Nicks could harmonize. After helping her improve her skills, he started taking her to nearby bars to perform.

“I remember singing with my grandfather and from a young age I felt that music was definitely going to be a part of my life,” Nicks said in the book Stevie Nicks: Visions, Dreams, and Rumors by Zoë Howe.

Nicks also wrote poetry all her life. At 15, she set her words to music and performed at the high school congregation with the encouragement of a friend. After that, as Howe wrote, “Stevie Nicks was about to become a songwriter, and so began an obsession that lasted five decades.”

She shared the personality trait she wished she could change

Her drive and obsession with her job have made Nicks legendary. She is one of the most prolific songwriters of her time. Still, Nicks’ focus on her work can cause a stir, especially when she’s in a band with other dedicated musicians. For example, the eight-minute song “Silver Spring” had to be shortened to fit on the album Rumors. Nicks didn’t feel like cutting back on their work. Ken Caillat, the record producer, said the work took hours.

“Tears ran down her face as we worked,” said Caillat. He said the lyrics were “her obsession” and that she had to give them up made her sob.

On another occasion, Nicks stayed up all night working to perfect a single note of a song.

“It is following me!” she said, deciding that “someone was up there who wants me to do something with that shit … stupid thing.” She apologized to engineer Shelly Yakus and remarked, “You have to understand that I’m neurotic.”

That drive shaped Nick’s career, but she also wishes she could reduce this trait given the stress it can cause.

“I would probably change how obsessed I am with things,” she said Vanity fair. “I have to remember to withdraw.”

Stevie Nicks says she’d change her size too

Her obsessive nature isn’t the only thing Nicks said, she wished she could change herself. She has a little less control over this thing, however. When asked about her most unpopular thing in itself, Nicks replied: “That I’m not 1.70 meters tall and slim.”

Stevie Nicks appears on stage in a black dress and black top hat.

Stevie Nicks in 1977 | Richard McCaffrey / Michael Ochs Archive / Getty Images

However, when she’s on stage, Nicks wears a pair of 6-inch platform boots and a top hat. This, combined with their strong presence, ensures that Nicks cuts a fine figure.

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