Strong demand for coins despite the gold and silver downturn


The commodity price of gold and silver has been drifting south for some time, affecting the price of the American Eagle and other investment coins. Despite this downturn, the almost insatiable thirst for these or circulating coins influenced by precious metals does not seem to have changed. Prices have adjusted accordingly, but demand has not let up. This is important because, along with new US coin coins, gold bars are the two most likely entry-level product areas that can help investors grow into serious coin collectors as well.

Ordinary date gold values ​​may be lower, but demand for these coins continues unabated. An interesting, but unscientific, sidebar: at the time of this writing, based on my personal observations, there appears to be a significantly low inventory of $ 10 Coronet Eagle coins available.

Collector coins that are still reasonably available in all denominations remain the focus of most collectors, while the market for really rare to rare coins continues to expand. Both collectors and investors seem to be the buyers in this market segment. Not all rare coins fetch record prices, but the prices they fetch are attractive.

Another plus for the hobby came recently when the Anti-Counterfeiting Educational Foundation, Numismatic Guaranty Company, and the Professional Numismatists Guild sent a letter to Facebook asking the social media company to point out that Facebook was “the predominant choice has become some fraud ”. We will see if a positive answer is received.

At this point in time, the entire coin market can be described as “excellent”. There is a lot of interest and strength in the hobby of kings.

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