Tech Gallery: Sea Otter Classic 2021, day five


All right, it’s time to wrap up our coverage of the 2021 Sea Otter Classic and this time it’s all about parts and accessories.

Just in time for the transition of the northern hemisphere into the shorter autumn and winter days, Niterider presented its latest Lumina Max headlights with up to 2,500 lumens of brightness to make these trips a little longer. Bar Fly – the founders of the out-front computer mount – showcased a whole range of new computer mounts that also lead the company to die-cast aluminum instead of just injection molded plastic and machining.

Are you looking for a cheaper torque wrench? Park Tool has brought back its bar style wrenches and also introduced a fascinating new development for its bottom bracket tools. And if you are one of those riders who will not feel comfortable with a little rain (and maybe snow?) On your next trail tour.

There are a number of other tidbits in this gallery too, but you’ll have to keep scrolling down to see them all. See you in six months, Sea Otter!

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