The best gifts for runners who love to race


Training for a race can be a great way to improve speed, motivation, and endurance. But whether the runners in your life are preparing for a 3 mile or a marathon, they need equipment that will help them keep their pace, run safely, and prioritize recovery. No matter what type of racer you have on your list (including yourself!), These are the basics to help you make it through the distance.

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VKTRY gold insoles

These carbon fiber insoles offer protection against injuries and performance support and are ideal for every runner who wants to optimize his mobility, stability and explosiveness. Research in 2020 from the Korey Stringer Institute, supported by VKTRY, showed that their patented insoles improve the biomechanics of the lower body and the stability of the ankles and knees while running. VKTRY credits this to the curved design of the carbon fiber plate, which is designed to maximize energy return and shock absorption with every step. The insoles are individually tailored to the body size, shoe size, weight, age and type of sport of the wearer. Are you looking for a cheaper option? the Silver VK insoles ($ 119) offer great support with less customization.


Garmin Forerunner 245 Music

Anyone looking to take their running to the next level will appreciate all of the metrics this smartwatch can track. A built-in GPS allows runners to record routes, and the watch also tracks heart rate, cadence, stride length, ground contact time, balance and more. Users can sync it with their phone to receive (and reply to) phone calls and text messages, and for those who enjoy running to music, the watch can store up to 500 songs.


Hypervolt Go

In need of a gift for someone who always goes to a new city to race? Weighing in at just two and a half pounds, this compact, portable percussion massager is designed to be taken with you on the go. It’s quiet, powerful, and offers two and a half hours of battery life on each charge.


Nike AeroSwift running shirt

Runners can never have too many airy running tanks. The perforated design of this model allows sufficient airflow and makes it extremely breathable; The knitted and mesh fabric wicks away sweat. Bonus: The fabric is so smooth against your skin that you don’t have to worry about it chafing at mile 1, 13, or 26. It also consists of 75 percent recycled polyester fibers.


Distance Pro

If you are training for longer races, you will appreciate a reliable running belt. This comes with two 8-ounce hydration bottles that can be placed where it feels most comfortable. It also has a weatherproof pocket that can hold an iPhone 12 Pro Max or a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, as well as space for ID, credit card, money and keys. Oh, and you can store gels or chews in the outer elastic loops.


Session shorts 7 inches

These lightweight shorts are also available with a 5-inch inseam and are made from a 4-way stretch performance material that won’t interfere with your step or mobility. The material also wicks away moisture so runners stay cool (and prevent the shorts from sticking to their thighs). Also important: They are comfortable for both speed sessions and long runs.


Mick and Keith’s Midnight Ramble

You don’t have to spend a hundred dollars on run-specific sunglasses – just ask the thousands of runners who are wearing these polarized, non-slip, and shock-resistant sunglasses. Designed specifically for those mining miles, this pair has a grippy coating on the snug, lightweight frame to keep them in place (no matter how sweaty the action gets). They are also available in a myriad of different bright colors, so you can customize the gift to suit your taste.


Nano vest 34oz

A call to runners who like to go far and are always prepared. This lightweight running vest stows two 500 milliliter water bottles (included), gels, bars and more without feeling heavy (thanks to the breathable micro-mesh material). The vest also features a dual chest strap system to prevent hopping, reflectivity, a safety whistle and a secure pocket for your phone and other personal items.

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