The Kerala court denied Monson Mavunkal bail and sent him to Crime Branch custody



Monson had claimed to have a rare collection of “ancient” items, including a garment that Jesus wore and, among other things, the throne of Tipu Sultan.

A court in Kerala on Tuesday September 28th refused to bail Monson Mavunkal, the controversial antique dealer who was recently arrested for alleged fraud of Rs 10 crore. However, the court granted the criminal investigation department investigating the case three days’ imprisonment for Monson. Meanwhile, Congress and BJP leaders have called for the investigation to be transferred to another agency. According to the complaint filed by six residents of Kerala with Prime Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, 54-year-old Monson Mavunkal from Alappuzha had cheated their money for several years, claiming to be a top antique dealer with ties to high profile people. including politicians and top state police officers.

Monson had claimed to have a rare collection of “antique” items, including two of the 30 silver coins Judas received for betraying Jesus Christ, an item of clothing that Jesus wore, the throne of Tipu Sultan, etc. According to pictures of high-profile people appeared after his arrest, including the former police chief of Kerala, Loknath Behera, the deputy director general of the police Manoj Abraham, actors like Mohanlal and politicians with him.

When reports surfaced of Mavunkal’s alleged high-profile connections with IPS officials, top bureaucrats and politicians, former UDF convector and MP for Lok Sabha Benny Behanan alleged the antique dealer was part of an international smuggling operation and said he had no confidence in the wing of the crime branch of the Kerala Police Department. Speaking to reporters, Behanan said that in order to uncover the extent of the forgery committed by Mavunkal, a serious investigation must be opened by another agency.

“The defendant invited high-ranking police officers, politicians, actors and others to his home and created the image that he had high-profile contacts and was engaged in fraudulent activities. A full investigation has to be carried out to understand the extent of the forgeries he has committed. “, Said Behanan.

“Many investigative agencies have previously stated that the money from the smuggling was used for activities related to terrorism and that an investigation by the criminal investigation department could not bring out all the details,” said the congress chairman, indirectly requesting investigations by central authorities such as Customs and the National Investigation Agency (NIA) empowered to investigate smuggling and terrorism-related matters.

His statement, calling for a detailed investigation into the case, also came a day after the photos of the chief of the Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee, K. Sudhkaran, appeared in the media with Mavunkal. State BJP chief K Surendran also requested a full investigation by an agency other than the criminal investigation wing of the Kerala Police Department alleging that “many police officers and bureaucrats” were involved in Monson. Surendran alleged that the fraud was committed with the knowledge of high-ranking Kerala Police officers.

“Many senior Kerala police officers and bureaucrats have been implicated in the fraud. The Kerala police investigation will go nowhere. The investigation, like many other large cases, will end in Kerala. We want a full investigation by any other trustworthy agency. The minister should explain the details of the case to the public, ”Surendran said.

Regarding the complainants’ allegations that they had handed over money to Mosnon in the presence of the KPCC chief Sudhakaran, the opposition leader in the state parliament VD Satheesan supported his party leader and said that photos of the accused in a case with political leaders should not be used for political purposes to address. He said that people generally click on pictures of them with political leaders, and that doesn’t mean the politicians know their background.

Satheesan denied the allegations against Sudhakaran, saying the political leaders could not ask the public not to click on pictures with them. “We meet hundreds of people every day. Just because someone clicked on a picture with us doesn’t mean we’re friends. We are political leaders and when we go somewhere people come to us to click pictures with them Background? We’re not movie stars walking around with security guards who keep people from huddling around them, “Satheesan said.

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