The wages have made great leaps! A look at the jobs with higher wages


This week’s Deep Dive News 12 Investopedia’s Kristie Reeter and Caleb Silver are looking for higher-wage jobs.

Wages have seen big leaps, but inflation could limit that. Recent reports show that wages have reached their highest growth in 20 years!

News 12 asked on Twitter: Have you noticed a change in your paycheck in the last year? Most of the votes were for “my wages stayed the same” at 41%, 30% said they had gone up and 27% said they had gone down. Silver is collapsing what can be seen in New Jersey.

“Yes, wages have risen 8.86% across the country in the past few years,” says Silver. “Only 4.84% in the Garden State, but still nice wage growth that just doesn’t keep up with the rest of the country.”

Are there certain industries where paychecks have grown the most? “

“Yes, New Jersey’s manufacturing industry has seen the steepest wage growth there,” says Silver. “The average hourly wage in this industry is about 13.6%, but the average hourly wage is $ 34.06, but the education and healthcare sectors are also seeing some growth, 13.2% more in the last couple of years and leisure and hospitality, where employment growth has been the strongest. That also provides for wage growth, but the hourly wage is only $ 18.91 in restaurants, bars and the hospitality industry. “

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