There’s a new documentary about Jeffrey Epstein coming out on Hulu this week centered around his relationship with Victoria’s secret mogul Les Wexner, and it looks like it’s gotta be on TV

CoS Jeffrey Epstein lurks behind the Victoria’s Secret empire in the new trailer for the Hulu docuseries Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons. Angels and Demons, out July 14 and directed by Matt Tyrnauer, centers on billionaire Les Wexner, who not only bought five lingerie stores and turned it into a mall empire, but also founded Bed, Bath, Bodyworks and The Limited , Express and and Abercrombie & Fitch. “Billionaires are all mysterious, but Wexner is one of the biggest,” says an expert in the trailer.

As another speaking mind explains, “Part of the mystery was Jeffrey Epstein.” The disgraced financier and convicted sex offender trafficked dozens, maybe hundreds, of underage girls before his death in his jail cell in 2019. According to the trailer, not only was he a frequent guest at Victoria’s Secret fashion shows, he also had “power of attorney.” ” and access to all of Wexner’s businesses.

Without delving too deeply into what the filmmakers learned, the teaser for Angels and Demons mentions “rumours,” “red flags,” and bad experiences for the Victoria’s Secret Angels, while also pointing to issues “bigger than Epstein.” are.

First off, an A+ to the producers of this document for two things.

1- For having the balls to go after one of the most powerful and well-connected men alive (Wexner) while he’s still alive.

2- For kicking the name of this documentary out of the park (Angels & Demons).

In a weird and shitty way, I’ve been fascinated by this Les Wexner scumbag for a while. Ever since that whole shit pretty much got out in the open. His name was one of the VERY FEW names publicly associated with Epstein. And he’s also one of the very few who doesn’t tuck his cock between his legs and throw Epstein under the bus like he barely knows the guy (like two of our past presidents did).

He supposedly funded this mega mansion in downtown New York for Epstein of $77 million (pre-renovation). Completely normal behavior.

He was notoriously linked to Epstein, along with his clothing brands, along with “model scout” and total piece of shit Jean-Luc Brunel.

These three had basically built a perfect system.

Wexner had the brands with massive brand awareness – The Limited, Abercrombie and Fitch and Silver Tuna Victoria’s Secret. Just to name a few.

Brunel would go out and “recruit” young, mostly underage, models and promise them appearances. All they had to do was hang out with his high-profile friends and get them to “approve.”

Epstein was the facilitator and the networker.

This document will dive into all of that, but also cover one of the more bizarre details in a story full of it:

yahoo The piece revealed that Epstein was granted power of attorney over Wexner’s assets and a number of Wexner’s properties were sold at a deep discount, including his sprawling Upper East Side townhouse, his private jet, which he allegedly used to traffic women and minor girls (dubbed “The Lolita Express”) and other assets. Epstein, meanwhile, has been accused by a number of women of posing as a Victoria’s Secret recruiter before sexually harassing and/or assaulting them, which was reported to Wexner, who claims he had no knowledge of Epstein’s predatory behavior. but did not sever business ties with his decades-long pal until 2008, about 18 months after Epstein was arrested for soliciting child prostitutes. (Epstein was found dead in his jail cell just weeks after the Times report was published.)

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But wait, there’s more. Much more.

daily beast In 2002, a few years before West Palm Beach police launched a child prostitution probe against Epstein, Victoria’s Secret launched PINK – a collection for teenagers. “One day they cleaned out the whole hosiery room and just laid out all these crazy brightly colored tiny panties and matching bodices – and then the music went pop,” Sara Zofko, a former Victoria’s Secret employee, recalls in the film. “At the time, I had the feeling that something was going in the wrong direction. I mean because PINK was literally designed to appeal to teenagers and tweens, and that didn’t feel good,” she added.

Dorothea Barth-Jorgensen, a model who walked in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show PINK, which featured famous 18-year-old Justin Bieber on the mic, is interviewed in the film and recalls how surreal and terrifying it was.

“I had this dress with toys lying around [it], and the whole set was pretty toy-based,” says Barth-Jorgensen. “I didn’t even know who Justin Bieber was before I did this show. My sister’s kids were so excited that I walked the runway with Justin Bieber. They were so obsessed with him, and they were 10 and 12 at the time, so I think they definitely hit the mark.” (One outfit on the PINK runway show was a model in a hoodie riding a mock tricycle drove.)

In hindsight, given what we know about these hideous, evil shits, it all makes sense now. too much sense That no one raised their hand and said anything at the time is really disheartening. Especially the people in the company who knew what was really going on.

Tyrnauer obtained Victoria’s Secret internal corporate and branding materials for Angels and Demons. An internal marketing video for PINK features the following narrative played over images of shockingly young models: “PINK ensures Victoria’s Secret’s long-term growth by attracting a steady stream of young clients that we are able to retain for decades.”

The filmmaker compares it to Meta’s internal study of how Instagram is a toxic environment for teenage girls, with one research slide saying, “We’re making body image issues worse for one in three teenage girls,” and another offers, “Teenagers blame Instagram for increase in rates of anxiety and depression.”

Peter Kramer. Getty Images.

Do you remember that PINK shit? I had completely forgotten about it, but the moment I read all the memories came flooding back. You couldn’t go anywhere on campus without seeing girls rocking sweatpants. And tracksuits. And everything else. This shit was huge. And it turns out that was all part of Wexner’s plan.

In another 2008 internal marketing video featured in the film, Wexner boasts of his creative control over his companies. “Creating a brand is making a film,” he says. “It was very easy for me to make a film in my head. I had that ability. I see myself as the head of the studio, so I can review the scripts and make sure everyone is sticking with the story.”

And of course PINK is one of them. “I think Les was pretty into PINK, so it got a lot of attention,” Mindy Meads, former CEO of Victoria’s Secret Direct, affirms in the film. “He saw an opportunity and he’s happy to take it.”

After watching this, we’ll probably still be wondering how people like Wexner, who are clearly caught up in this whole mess, continue to live the life of Reilly, a free and bountiful man in Columbus, OH with his cohorts.

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(This guy doesn’t look scary at all)

While Ghislaine Maxwell just got 20 years for coordinating everything for these guys.

Makes no sense.

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Hopefully Chief, Eddie and I can get on the couch next week and talk this over for dogwalk.

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