This rare coin costs Rs. 2.6 million

Old coin scheme : A rare 1652 one shilling silver coin recently sold at an online auction for Rs. 2.6 crore ($350,000). The coin was found in a box of chocolates. One of the first silver coins to be produced in colonial New England, this piece is notable for its early production.

The initials NE for New England appear on one side of the coin and the Roman numeral XII on the other.

According to Morton & Eden Ltd. from London, the coin was sold for Rs. 2.6 crore to an unnamed internet bidder from the United States.

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“I am not surprised at the great interest in this outstanding coin. In a statement, coin analyst James Morton said: “The sum paid, which was in excess of the estimate, underscores its enormous historical importance and excellent original state of preservation.”

Before 1652, coins from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and the Spanish Empire were accepted as legal tender in New England.

Legend has it that there was a coin shortage, which is why the Massachusetts court selected John Hull to be Boston’s mint master. Hull is said to have been responsible for overseeing the manufacture of the first silver coins in North America.

The mint, which created the mint in 1652, closed in 1682, according to the auctioneer.

According to the auctioneer, the mint that produced the coin in 1652 closed in 1682.

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