Trading Stellar (XLM) is now available on the Kinesis Exchange

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London, United Kingdom, July 1, 2022, Chain Wire

XLM, the 10th listed cryptocurrency, is now available for Kinesis users. XLM will be paired against 8 fiat pairs including USD, GBP and EUR, as well as Kinesis’ native physical gold (KAU) and silver (KAG) based stablecoins, providing better access to the platform for cryptocurrency traders and investors allows.

In addition to the existing pool of cryptocurrencies, XLM can be spent on the Kinesis Virtual Card – which allows users to spend their cryptocurrencies, gold or silver, worldwide in real time.

Listing XLM was a natural choice as Kinesis’ native gold and silver-based digital assets, KAU and KAG, are built on a fork of the Stellar blockchain.

Leveraging the Stellar blockchain, Kinesis is able to deliver faster, low-cost global remittances and instant payments in gold and silver to users through the Kinesis platform.

Since its implementation in 2019, Stellar technology has enabled Kinesis users around the world to send and receive money instantly with the stable value of physical gold and silver, while helping users avoid the high costs and foreign exchange fees of the to avoid traditional transfer.

Jai Bifulco, Chief Commercial Officer at Kinesis, comments, “The addition of Stellar to the Kinesis ecosystem is very welcome as Kinesis has been a proud supporter of Stellar since its inception. With XLM listed on our platform, Stellar holders can now not only trade XLM, but use the asset as real-world currency. Additionally, Kinesis allows users to hedge into our native gold and silver based assets KAU and KAG, allowing the global crypto community to park their crypto profits in the stable value of gold while the crypto market experiences volatility.”

About Kinesis

Kinesis Money is a global digital asset utility platform that facilitates the trading, management, and day-to-day spending of physical gold and silver-based digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

Through its currency system, users can earn returns on physical allotted gold and silver and spend, save, trade and redeem their precious metals anywhere in the world at low fees.


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