Two cheated out of Rs 5 lakh while selling gold coins, case registered


Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh): Two people, including a fast food seller, were defrauded by a group of people for Rs 5 lakh on the pretext of selling gold coins.

The applicant, Rajdhar Prajapati, who runs a fast food stand in front of a shopping mall on Hoshangabad Road, informed the police that on December 15, two people came to his stand and showed him gold coins.

Both claimed to be residents of Chhindwara District. They informed the complainant that they had found a box full of gold and silver coins on a construction site.

They gave Prajapati three coins and asked him to check the purity of the coins with the goldsmith if he had any doubts. Prajapati went to a goldsmith and had the purity verified.

After ascertaining the purity of the gold, Prajapati expressed his desire to buy the coins. The deal was set at Rs 15 lakh against 1.5 jkg of ‘gold coins’.

Prajapati later turned to his friend Balram Thakur and asked him to help in the business.

On Friday, three people, including a woman, met the applicants near the 11-Mill site and handed over a bag filled with the coins. Prajapati and Thakur gave the trio 5 lakh Rs and promised them to hand over the rest of the money later.

Prajapati and Thakur later went to a goldsmith and asked him to check the purity of all coins. The duo were shocked to learn that all of the coins were counterfeit.

Deputy Police Commissioner (ACP), Misrod, Amit Kumar Mishra, told the Free Press that a trial against unidentified defendants had been recorded and efforts were being made to find out their identities.

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Posted on: Saturday December 25th, 2021 11:56 AM IST


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