Vatican Mints coin canonizing COVID-19 Vax

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VATICAN CITY ( – The Vatican has issued a €20 silver coin celebrating the controversial, abortion-ridden COVID-19 vaccine.

Vatican coin honoring “Mother Earth”

The coin is “dedicated to a topical issue that is very important to Pope Francis: treatments to fight the pandemic and the need to get vaccinated,” the Vatican Philatelic and Numismatics Office said on Monday.

Designed by Italian coin and medalist Chiara Principe, the coin features a doctor, a nurse and a young person ready to receive the vaccine. The three characters wear face coverings.

“The Holy Father has repeatedly emphasized the importance of vaccination, recalling that health care is ‘a moral obligation’ and it is important to ‘continue efforts to immunize even the poorest peoples,'” the coin’s description added Vatican office added.

“A Vatican commemorative coin dedicated to the ‘need for vaccination’ against COVID-19 would be something that reputable scholars and people of good will would gladly have done without,” said the eminent Italian ethicist Dr. Fulvio Di Blasi to Church Militant.

These drugs are not technically vaccines; They kill a number of people statistically.

Di Blasi, author of Vaccination as an act of love? Epistemology of ethical decisions in times of pandemicsdetailed:

I take this news with a mixture of deep pain and concern for a church increasingly facing a crisis of identity and truth. These drugs are not technically vaccines; Statistically speaking, they kill quite a few people and, according to the latest studies, even have a negative effect. As the court sentences against them multiply, the Vatican increases fanatical support for them, which is not at all scientific and alien to revealed truth.

The Vatican has also issued a 50 euro gold coin dedicated to Our Lady of Mercy. The coin shows Mary with her cloak spread out, under which a large number of believers find refuge. It is meant to honor her as the protector of humanity from the evils of the world.

The figure of the Virgin Mary is surrounded by the words “Hear, Love, Help, Welcome”. The words “listen” and “welcome” are two key words of Francis’ pontificate.

In August 2021, Vatican City imposed a “Green Pass” on residents and staff, enforcing institutionalized medical apartheid in violation of the Nuremberg Code, the Italian Constitution and a Council of Europe resolution.

I think the optics raise concerns that there might be potential financial conflicts of interest.

Even princes of the church like Cdl. Raymond Burke, who had recovered from COVID-19 and possessed natural immunity, was not spared the draconian measures – Burke was, on the express orders of Secretary of State Cdl. Pietro Paroline.

Earlier this year, Pope Francis held secret meetings with Pfizer vaccine oligarch Albert Bourla, sparking speculation about an undisclosed special arrangement between the Vatican and corrupt Big Pharma.

Pope Francis interreligious dialogue stamps

Pfizer was fined $2.3 billion in 2009 for what was then the largest healthcare fraud settlement of all time. The company spent over $21.8 million in 2019-2020 and $6.7 million from January to August 2021 lobbying the government, making it the largest funder of any single pharmaceutical company during COVID-19 -Crisis.

“I think the optics raise concerns that there may be potential financial conflicts of interest between Pfizer and the Vatican,” said Dr. Alan Moy, CEO and co-founder of biotech company Cellular Engineering Technologies, to Church Militant.

Meanwhile, the Vatican’s “vaccination coin” raises questions about earlier controversial stamps and coins during Francis’ pontificate.

In 2021, the Vatican Philatelic Office issued a souvenir sheet of six stamps containing snapshots of Pope Francis’ encounters with leaders of the major world religions over the past six years, highlighting encounters with Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu leaders.

In 2020, the Vatican Mint issued a €10 silver coin depicting “Mother Earth”.

The stamps illustrate Francis’ new doctrine, elaborated in his encyclical Fratelli Tutti, that “the various religions, based on their respect for every human person as a creature called to be a child of God, are essential to the building of fraternity and to the defending justice in society,” stated the Vatican Philatelic and Numismatics Office.

In 2020, to commemorate World Earth Day, the Vatican Mint issued a 10 euro silver coin with the motif “Mother Earth”. The coin symbolizes the fertility of the earth “with long ears of corn” entwined with the mother’s plaited hair, according to the Numismatic Chronicle.

Vatican postage stamp honoring Martin Luther

The Vatican portrayed the image on the coin as that of a “mother who bears the earth, to whom we owe care and love as if she were a daughter”.

A €5 silver coin issued in the same set shows “St. Peter, Prince the Apostle, spreading his arms wide as a sign of welcome on behalf of the Church to all those migrants and refugees who struggle every day from hunger and fleeing poverty and conflict.”

On the 500th anniversary of the Protestant uprising, the Vatican issued a stamp featuring Martin Luther and Philipp Melanchthon – two of the protagonists of the so-called Reformation.

The stamp shows Martin Luther on the left side of the cross, kneeling in “penance” and holding “the Bible, the source and aim of his teaching”.

On the right, “Philipp Melanchthon, theologian and friend of Martin Luther, one of the main protagonists of the reform”, holds his Augsburg Confession — the first official public presentation of the principles of Protestantism.‎

“We have an opportunity to heal a critical moment in our history by overcoming the controversies and disagreements that have often prevented us from understanding one another,” noted Francis.

In 2017, the Vatican stopped minting euro coins bearing the image of Pope Francis, replacing his image with the coat of arms of the Vatican and the 12 stars of the European Union.

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