Viral: A shock awaited the workers, who rejoiced to find treasure while digging! You know what? | Viral news workers shared gold found while digging a treasure confiscated by police. Eight people were arrested

We often see on the news that gold, silver and ancient coins are being found while ancient buildings and structures are being excavated. Several million rupees worth of gold and old coins were found here while digging for the house. But the workers kept this information confidential and shared it equally among themselves without any interference. Meanwhile, shock and hardship awaited the workers. what is Here you will find all information about it.

In Dhar, Madhya Pradesh, a man started building a house. For this they arranged workers. However, while digging the foundation, the workers discovered a pot of gold. There was no escaping happiness between them as there was a huge amount of gold and old coins in it. The gold and coins found were shared equally among all workers without dispute. But information about the find of the treasure reached the police. Accordingly, the police rushed to the scene and confiscated some of the money along with eight workers. The incident happened on Friday.

Police have arrested eight workers carrying out house renovation work and seized items worth millions of rupees, including six lakhs worth of gold and iron. Sameer Patidar, head of Kotwali Police Station, said legal action will be taken against those who shared the funds. Police are likely to release full details about the treasure’s discovery soon.

According to information, Shivanarayan Rathod’s house in Chitnis Chowk near Nalcha Darwaja is built in two parts with the family living in one part. Another part is ruined. This part has been demolished for a month for reconstruction. Old gold coins and gold jewelry were found when workers were tearing down a wall at the construction site. They shared this with each other without anyone knowing. However, after old jewelry was discovered being sold, the police took action.

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