Where to find all Tortoyk cooking recipe ingredients in Lost Ark

Complete your adventure tome for everyone Lost Ark Continent gives unique bonuses. To complete the tome for Tortoyk, you must complete seven cooking recipes, with rewards including an Epic Masterwork, Legendary Secret Cards, and Rapport items.


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Be warned though, as the ingredients for Tortoyk cooking recipes are hard to come by. One requires you to land the killing blow in defeating the continent’s main boss, Caspiel, while several others require silver coins to be spent, which can easily total over half a million. If you’re up for the challenge, read on for our full guide.

Cashew Cashew Smoothie – Mokoko Village cooking ingredient

You’re going to need a lot of throwaway silver for this, so don’t start if you’re short on funds. Head to the Purple Cooking Ingredient Vendor in Mokoko Village and buy 12 Cashews for 30,000 silver coins each – a whopping 360,000 coins in total. You hope this is enough, but you may need more.

Take them to Cook Supiso, who will turn them into cashew powder for 400 silver each. For the smoothie you need ten coarse and two fine cashew powders. If two of those first 12 don’t come out as “good,” you’ll just have to keep going until you get lucky. I found that if I gave her ten I got a “good” – so I made 20 and got the two I needed. Much luck…

Once you have what you need, Supiso makes the Cashew Cashew Smoothie for 1,400 coins. You can’t even sell or trade surplus coarse cashew powder.

Crunch Crunch Fried Shell – Tortoyk’s heart dungeon cooking ingredient

Go to the Tortoyk’s Heart dungeon in the north of the Forest of Giants. Work your way to the Creator’s Forest (on Normal or Hard). Play Heart’s Melody twice while jumping the platforms and reaching the largest platform. You have to defeat a group of monsters here. Once defeated, you will be prompted to play Heart’s Melody again.

You then jump over to a long hallway heading northwest. The quest text changes to “Talk to a Totoiki”. At the end of the path you will meet a small group of them. The ingredient you need, Egg of the Shell of Creation, is right here to the left of the path. If you reach the end where the elevators are, you’ve gone too far. Once you have it, you can return to Mokoko Village. Bring it to Cook Supiso and she will create your Crunch Crunch Fried Shell for 1,400 coins.

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Eggy Eggy Soft Boiled Egg – Mokoko Village cooking ingredient

Go to the Crimson Cooking Ingredient Vendor in Mokoko Village and buy a Mokoko Boiled Egg for 100,000 silver coins. Be careful – you have to wait a minute after purchase before you can “use” it. The timer starts when you make the purchase.

After a minute, the item name will change to Egg Eggy Soft Boiled Egg. Now you have to use it in your inventory within a minute – otherwise it will go bad and you will have to buy another egg.

Half and half, dip and pour – an ingredient in Skyreach Steppe cuisine

To complete this recipe you will first need a Shattered Dip and Pour Bowl. While this sounds harmless, it’s actually a legendary item that can only be obtained by defeating it Tortoyk’s main boss monster Caspiel. And only the player who lands the fatal blow gets the item.

You can find Caspiel just east of Rocky Forest Hill Triport in Skyreach Steppes. You will know it has appeared because the area will be surrounded by a ring of fire. If it doesn’t, use the instance switcher in the top-right corner of the screen and scroll around until you find it. This is a long, hard fight for new players, so you might want to wait until you reach level 50 and can solo this fight.

Once you have the broken bowl, take it to Cook Supiso. She can then make you the Half and Half, Dip and Pour you need for 1,700 silver coins.

Likey Likey Mokoko Gift Pack – Freshwater Forest Cooking Ingredient

From Sweetwater Farm Triport, head east across the Bridge of Books into Sweet Fruit Forest. Stay on the south side of the path and delve into the small garden south of the path before you reach the end.

After defeating the pirates there, Look behind the table and chairs to find the ‘Plenty Plenty Mokoko Gift Pack’. Just right-click on it to complete the Likey Likey cooking recipe.

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Pow Pow Honey Health Tonic – Mokoko Village cooking ingredient

For that you need deep pockets. Go to Dessert Vendor Tellara in the east of Mokoko Village, on the way to the Sweetwater Forest portal. She’ll sell you the sweet-o-sweet honey you need for 190,000 silver coins. Take that to Cook Supiso and she’ll make you the Pow Pow Honey Health Tonic for a much cheaper 900 silver.

Sweet Sweet Royal Jelly – Seaswept Woods cooking ingredient

Enter Seaswept Woods through the Mokoko Village portal and head southeast into the area you arrive in. At its southern point is a bandit camp where you’ll see a bench with some papers on it.

A few steps north of the table is an orange flowering plant. Examine this to collect some ‘Honeycomb’. Bring the honeycomb to Cook Supiso in Mokoko Village and she will convert it to Sweet Sweet Royal Jelly for 1,400 silver.

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