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SHREVEPORT, La – The woman accused of dumping her two boys in Cross Lake on Friday treated her older daughter in a more maternal way. Sources within the Shreveport Police Department say Ureka Black left a note and money for the girl, who is believed to be 12 or 13 years old.

This girl was in the care of a grandmother. We did not learn what the note said.

Black, 32, is charged with second degree murder and attempted second degree murder in the death of her baby. Her other boy, just 5 years old, survived after being rescued from the water.

Waskom, Texas police arrested Black at a rest stop along Interstate 20 about two hours after the Shreveport rescue operation. Police Chief Westy Meisenheimer says an officer checked the rest area after receiving a warning to look for Black’s silver Dodge minivan with Texan license plates.

Meisenheimer says Black could have slept in the van.

“They had sun protection over the windshield and also had towels or blankets and the like over the side windows because we couldn’t see them when we approached,” said Meisenheimer.

He says she seemed disoriented and then was uncooperative.

“She wouldn’t get out of the van. She wouldn’t talk. Just really not communicate with us,” said Meisenheimer.

Eventually, the boss says that Black complied and was taken to a hospital for observation and then to Harrison County Jail. She has since been extradited to Shreveport.

Black reportedly threw the children off the I-220 bridge or a lower bridge along South Lakeshore Drive and into Cross Lake.

Shreveport Police have not officially released any further information.

Meisenheimer says Black’s address was on Prospect Street in Shreveport’s Highland area. But the people in this area told KTBS 3 News that they couldn’t remember them.

We located a former address in the Hooter Park area of ​​Bossier City on the corner of Fullilove and Wilder. A neighbor there who refused to speak in front of the camera described Black as “friendly one day and unfriendly the next.”

KTBS 3 News reviewed Black’s criminal record. She has a criminal record of prostitution and arson among nearly a dozen arrests in the Caddo and Bossier communities. But she has spent little time behind bars. Read more here.

She is now being held at the Caddo Correctional Center without being bound.


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