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90 medals for the 40 gymnasts from Harlow Gymnastics Club who performed at the Spiral Rocks competition in Peterborough. Gymnasts competed against clubs from Norfolk, Cambridge and Essex in everything from Amethyst, Jade, Topaz and Ruby to the premier Sapphire event.

Renee Firth Moon triumphed with the Sapphire All Ages Trophy after winning gold for beam and beam, silver for floor and bronze for vault in the 11-year-old event.

Participation in the 12-13 year old sapphire event, Kara McMahon accomplished gold for the beam, beam and floor, and bronze for the vault. Grace Hoskin secured silver on vaults and rods, and bronze on beams, while Summer Dolan won gold on vault and silver on floor.

Skye Girolami was rewarded with silver on bars, beams and floor in addition to gold on the vault in the Sapphire Age 14+ event.

Participation in the Ruby Age 12 Event, Lola Manuel achieved silver on vault and bronze on beam.

Emil Price captured gold on vault, silver on beam and bronze on both beam and floor in the Ruby Age 13+ event and Emily Forey won gold on bars and floor and silver on bars Mia Salt won gold on beam and silver on vault. In the same case Elsie Leverington captured bronze for vaults and staves in addition to silver on ground.

Meanwhile, in the Topaz competitions, Ivy Clarke won gold on bars and bronze on beam in the Topaz event for 9 years.

Natasha Bishop took gold on bars and silver on bars at the Topaz event at the age of 10 and Olivia Palmer collected silver on vault and floor alongside bronze on poles while Olivia Beckwith Achieved silver on bars. In the same event teammates Milli Battleley and Maybe Brooke’s 7th placeth and 9th in total or

The gold for bullion in Topaz was split at age 11 Lara Petridis and Sofia ShrakaLara also collected the silver for beams. Layla Clark received the bronze on parallel bars and teammate Poppy Bridgewater 8th placeth overall in the same event.

Renee Stewart, Sienna Smith and Lucy Brough Rank 6th7th and 8th or in the Topaz Age 12-13 event.

At the Topas event from 14 years ellie Targetable received the gold for bullion while Grace Codlin 8th placeth total.

Saoirse Casy Bond was awarded Gold for Vault and Beam at the Jade Age 10 event. Shilah Wynter-Glace took bronze for beams and beams in addition to silver on the vault while Dulcey Pope achieved silver on vault and bronze on beam. Eve Reeves and Lex Dolan shared the vault bronze with his teammate Deliliah Cavandish Placement 9thth overall in the same event.

Aria Franklin became the All Age Jade Champion after winning the Jade Age 8 events with Gold on Beam, Beam and Floor and Silver on Vault. In the same event Lotte New won gold on vault, silver on beam and bronze on floor.

At the Jade Age 9 event Marc Kurz earned gold on vault and silver on beam and floor. Isla Edwards collected gold on beams and shared silver on vaults with poppy whitewho also picked up silver on bars. Emily Britton achieved gold on the floor and bronze on the vault and Peyton Poole 11th placeth overall in the same event.

She competed in her first competition Penelope Baylis achieved the Amethyst overall trophy after collecting gold for vault, beam and floor and silver for beam in the Amethyst competition for 6-7 year olds. teammate Olive Clarke won silver on vault and parallel bars and bronze on floor.

Finally, in the Amethyst Age 7-8 Event, Francesca Walton Gold on vault, beams and floor and bronze on beams confiscated while Bluebelle berry captured gold on bars and soil, and silver on beams. Olivia Schmidt secured gold on beams, silver on vaults and rods, and bronze on floors, while Grace Deacon-Rooney was awarded silver on floor and bronze for vault and bars.

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