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It typically applies to shares, mutual funds, second homes, inherited property, sale of a business or valuables including art, jewelery and antiques valued at £6,000 or more. Failure to declare capital gains tax on assets may result in a fine.

Individuals have 60 days from the date of transfer to report a disposal of assets and pay any taxes due without incurring a fine.

CGT is also levied on all coins that are not accepted as legal tender in the UK, such as B. gold, silver or platinum coins as well as gold and silver bars.

It is possible to limit capital gains tax liability by making the most of losses to reduce profits.

Because any profits and losses from the same tax year must be offset against each other, which then affects the amount of taxable profit.

Individuals who transfer assets to a spouse or civil partner are exempt from paying capital gains tax.

This doubles the CGT exemption for married couples and civil partners to £24,600.

This does not apply if the couple lived separately and did not live together at all in the relevant tax year.

The tax year runs from April 6th to April 5th of the following year.


If the spouse or partner later sells the asset, they may have to pay tax on the gain if the asset is sold.

Their profit is calculated based on the difference in value between when they first owned the asset and when they sold it.

It’s important that people keep a record of how much they paid for each asset.

Another way to get capital gains tax relief is to donate land, property, or shares to a charity.

However, if a person sells an asset for charity for both more than the amount paid for it and less than its market value, he is not exempt from the CGT.

People only have to pay it on winnings that exceed their annual tax-free amount.

The first £12,300 of capital gains each year are tax exempt. CGT is calculated at 10 percent for base rate taxpayers.

People don’t have to pay capital gains tax on winnings derived from Individual Savings Accounts (ISA), UK Government and Premium Bonds, betting, lotteries or pool winnings.

It is necessary to notify Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) if an individual’s taxable profit is more than four times their allowance. They must also declare their winnings on their tax returns if they have opted for self-assessment.

Capital gains tax is the profit realized when an asset is sold for more than its acquisition cost.

It is calculated as the profit realized (the increase in the value of the sale price compared to the purchase price) for an asset that is held for more than one year.

Brits are always encouraged to do their research and seek financial advice where necessary when making tax decisions.

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