Champions crowned at Garioch Gymnastics Club during competition in Perth


The Garioch Gymnastics Club achieved many successful results at the Zinc and Copper Classic Challenge in Perth.

It has been almost two years without any competition for the gymnasts and for some this was their first four-way competition.

In the club two more Scottish overall champions were crowned and countless medals and ribbons won.

The results were:

Zinc 12/13 years:

Aimee Duncan – 5th overall rank, 9th vault, 6th bar, 7th bar, bronze floor.

Molly Sinclair – 12th overall, 6th vault, gold bottom.

Zinc 11 years:

Layla Taylor – 10th overall, 9th vault, 6th floor.

Lucy Paterson – 6th measure.

Abigail Tobing – 7th bar.

Zinc 10 years:

Sophia Gall – 8th overall rank, gold vault, 4th transom, 6th floor.

Megan Clark – bronze vault, silver bars, bronze base.

Lucy Duncan – 5th floor.

Tala Wilson – 6th floor.

Copper 14+ years:

Matangi Sankriti – gold overall, bronze vault, 7th bar, gold bar.

Hannah Redfern – Silver jumpsuit, silver vault, 8th bar, 5th bar, 5th floor.

Natasha Buchan – bronze overall, 5th vault, gold bars, gold bottom.

Copper 9-10 years:

Izzy Mackie – bronze overall, gold vault, 5th bar, 7th bar, 4th floor.

Olivia Allan – 4th overall rank, 4th vault, 9th bar, 4th bar, bronze floor.

Copper 11 years:

Abbie Sim – 4th overall, 4th vault, 5th floor.

Copper 12 years:

Morgan Davidson – gold overalls, gold vaults, bronze bars, silver bottom.

Amber Cameron – overall bronze, silver vault, 4th bar, gold bottom.

Aleisha Ritchie – 8th floor.

Copper 13 years:

Kate Peel – 4th vault, 8th beam.

Club Manager Janine Robertson said, “A big thank you to our weekend trainers – Tina, Emily and Megan, as well as to those who prepared all the girls for the competition and to our judges – Cathy, Brodie and Moray.

“It is a huge team effort to prepare all the gymnasts who have participated in the last two weekends.

“Both the gymnasts and the coaches work so hard and these results are proof that this has been a very challenging year for everyone.”

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