Coin Statistics: Collectors Grab Silver Eagles


2021-W silver eagle without circular print in a new design. (Image courtesy of the United States Mint.)

As lately, the 2021 silver American Eagles are at the top of US Mint’s product releases this week. You will see two new items added to the charts: the 2021-W Uncirculated Silver Eagle with the New Design (listed under Collector Eagle Sales) and the 2021 Silver Eagle Reverse Proof Two-Coin Set with Old and New Design (listed under Sets ). and singles).

Published on September 9th, the silver unc. Eagle has an initial sales total of 173,247, although the quick sell-off means it has hit its maximum circulation of 175,000.

Available to collectors on September 13, the Reverse Proof Eagle set reached 124,251 sales. It has also reached its circulation limit of 125,000. The Mint is in an adjustment phase.

On the precious metals side, we are also seeing an increase in Eagle sales in September. Both 1/2 and 1/4 ounce gold bars Eagles are on the board now, and the Silver Eagle hit an impressive total of 2,735,000 in September.

The final addition this week is the Coin and Chronicles Set for George HW Bush. It includes a George HW Bush Presidential Dollar Reverse Proof Coin and a Silver Presidential Medal, Postage Stamp, and a Barbara Bush First Spouse Bronze Medal. It has seen 7,103 sales since its release on September 17th.


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