No Fort Knox: 30 pounds of gold, silver stolen from Pa’s house

A house piled with pounds and pounds of splinters and gold turned out not to be Fort Knox.

Instead as WTAE-TV in Pittsburgh reportedthe Washington County, Pennsylvania home that housed all of the precious metals was the scene of a relatively simple burglary over the weekend.

The State of Pa Police. told WTAE that the burglar or burglars broke a back door window, entered the home and stole two boxes of silver coins and bars and some gold coins.

All in all, state police say the burglar got away with £30 of the expensive precious metal. (More details below)

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The break-in was discovered at a house on Weir Cole Road in Morris Township on Saturday afternoon.

The homeowner, who hoarded gold and silver and entrusted his precious metals to a box in his home – rather than a safe deposit box – was not identified in the report.

According to the latest report, the police had no suspects in the case.

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