RE8 Shadows of Rose: Dimitrescu Castle Walkthrough

Now that you can break cast cores, many rooms in the castle have opened up for you. Your next goal will be to find them Monocular Key This is how you can find the next mask, but you can also access the gallery and make your first try paint jigsaw puzzleswhich is a necessary part of the game.

After climbing the stairs in the Great Hall, go down the corridor on your right. That Hand drawn map is here on the floor and indicates that the monocular key is in a bedroom, but it is difficult to get there and you have to run away from a monster. Once in the room, wait for Michael to point out the fireplace before crouching and walking through it. In the next area you will find another “Power Amplifier”. RW variant hip flask. You can now focus on enemies to stun them with a dose of power when ammo is low and you find it necessary.

Once you make it back to the room you were trapped in, you can escape, but there are a lot of enemies outside. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to defeat them, so use your new skills to stun them and blast your way through. Refer to the hand-drawn map and your main map to get into the room with the monocular key. You can find him next to a book in the dressing room. Now that you have the Monocular Key, you can get the second one Upgrade Pistol.

Use the monocular door in the courtyard to proceed. Follow the path to get to Dimitrescu’s bedchamber. Head into the Hall of Ablution and you will find a statue puzzle. Complete it to open the passage and continue.

The dungeon you fall into is evil. In here, it’s a mostly narrow path with a few cast cores to break through while either sneaking past or fighting sculpted enemies. Standing still for too long is a death wish and you need to keep moving. While it’s high voltage, there aren’t many other avenues you can take. So as long as you keep moving forward, you’ll find him Silver Mask at the end of the dungeon. You’ll have to exit the dungeon the same way you came in while being chased by multiple enemies, so use your stun powers to make it.

Make sure to move through Dimitrescu’s bedroom when exiting and grab those snake painting. Once you return to the courtyard, you’ll find a ton of more enemies to avoid. Luckily they won’t follow you into the dining room.

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