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Since Terrariums is a game that players have to figure out for themselves while playing. Knowing what gear they’re using and where to get it can be difficult. The game doesn’t even say if a particular piece of equipment is useful for certain classes or play styles.

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With many new and old players choosing the Summoner class after it has been reworked in the latest updates, now it’s especially helpful to know what works best. Whether the player is a pure summoner or a hybrid with other classes, there are a few things they should be using.

10 Summoner emblem

The summoner emblem against a terraria background

After defeating the Wall of Flesh, there is a chance that the Summoner Emblem will be dropped. In contrast to the sorcerer, ranger or warrior emblem, the summoner emblem increases the shear damage by 15%. This is especially helpful for starting hard mode, as the player will need all the extra strength they can get to get through the difficulty level.

Later, the player can use five souls of power, eyesight and terror with the summoner emblem to create the avenger emblem that grants 12% increased damage to all weapons. However, this is only recommended if the player is focused more on the whips than on his army of animal companions. However, this improved emblem is useful for another possible item.

9 Flask of Fire

Split image showing the ring of fire in Terraria by day and night

Once the player has the Witch Doctor NPC, he can buy the Imbuing Station for seven gold. While many of the cuvettes made from them require hardmode materials, there are some cuvettes that can be made in pre-hardmode. One of them is the Flask of Fire, which is made from bottled water and three hell stones.

If the player uses the fire bottle on one of his whips, the whip gains the ability to say “On Fire!” debuff on enemies. Although some whips already have better debuffs in hard mode, this additional debuff is definitely useful in pre-hard mode.

8th Vial of poison

The poison bottle in front of the Terraria background

Another useful vial that can be made at the Imbuing Station is the Vial of Poison. After Plantera is defeated, the player can buy vials of poison from the witch doctor for 15 silver coins each. When five of these vials are combined with a water bottle, the player creates a vial of poison that can be used to give whips the ability to inflict the “Venom” debuff on enemies.

Since this debuff prevents health regeneration and does 30 damage per second to the enemy’s health, it’s an incredibly useful ability. In addition, the effect on the weapon lasts for 20 minutes and does not go away when the player dies. With ease of manufacture and cheap material, it is worth having this if the whip has no other weaknesses.

7th Incantation potion

The summoning potion used in Terraria

After defeating Skeletron in pre-hard mode, the player can finally enter the dungeon. One of the many things to find in the dungeon is the alchemy table which is used to make potions and has a 33% chance of not consuming the ingredients.

When the player combines a bottled water, a colorful lardfish, and a moonlight flower, he creates a conjuring potion. This potion lasts eight minutes and gives the player an additional minion slot. While this is incredibly useful for summoners, the ingredients can be difficult to get hold of, and it doesn’t take long.

6th Adorable table

The enchanting table against a terraria background

Another item in the dungeon useful for summoners is the enchantment table. If the player right-clicks on this piece of furniture, they will receive the Enchanted buff, which increases the servant capacity by one and lasts for 10 minutes.

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With both the enchanting table and the conjuring potions, the summoner can have an army of minions along with the seats assigned to him by his armor and other accessories. This piece of furniture is great too because the player doesn’t have to do anything to get the buff other than have the furniture and click on it.

5 Pygmy necklace

The pygmy chain against a terraria background

When it is night and the player has at least 20 gold, he can buy the pygmy chain from the witch doctor. While there used to be other restrictions on obtaining this item, e.g. B. If the player needed the pygmy staff in his inventory or Plantera was already defeated, the witch doctor now sells this in every phase of the game and the player does not need the pygmy staff.

The pygmy chain is an accessory that offers the player an additional minion slot. In contrast to the magic table and conjuring potion, this item gives the player this ability forever as long as the player carries it and is in an accessory slot.

4th Wild Claws

A wild claw against a terraria background

Similar to other open world games like rust, searching around the area can lead players to some great items. In some jungle boxes, blackberry boxes and ivy chests in the jungle biome, the player can find the wildclaw accessories. When a summoner places this item in an accessory slot, their whip’s speed increases by 12% and the whip now automatically swings when used. This means that the player can simply hold down the mouse button to use their whip continuously instead of clicking on it every time.

As a pre-hardmode accessory easy to find in the jungle biome, this is an absolutely necessary item that summoners get asap. As the game progresses, these simple accessories can be used to create better accessories that will help players beat the game.

3rd Papyrus scarab

The papyrus carab against a terraria background

If the witch doctor is in the jungle after Plantera, the player can buy the Hercules beetle accessory for 40 gold. This accessory does 15% more minion damage and increases minion recoil, which makes it helpful on its own. However, when the player also combines it with other accessories, it becomes even more useful. During the Pumpkin Moon event, the summoner can receive the Necromantic Scroll Accessory as a drop from the Black Forest opponents, which causes 10% more vassal damage and an additional vassal slot.

When these two items are combined in the crafting shop, they become the papyrus scarab accessory that gives the player 15% more vassal damage, an extra vassal slot, and more vassal recoil. Since there are only a limited number of accessory slots, this combination helps to free up space for other accessories.

2 Heavenly stone

The sky stone in front of the Terraria background

Another helpful accessory that can be made from a combination of items is the heavenly shell. If a vampire is defeated during a solar eclipse event, they may be able to drop a moonstone, increasing total weapon damage by 10%, increasing whip speed by 10%, and increasing minion recoil. But this only works at night. In order to get the same stats during the day, the player must get the sun stone by defeating the golem boss in the jungle temple. These two items can be combined to create the Sky Stone that takes away the time component.

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If the player owns a moon shell, which is an accessory made by combining the moon spell and the Neptune shell, the player can combine the moon shell with the sky stone to create the sky shell. While this adds some extra skills, they only work in werewolf form or when it’s dark in the overworld, which probably doesn’t make the extra effort worth it.

1 Fire glove

The fire glove against a terraria background

The Fire Gauntlet accessory is the ultimate version of the Feral Claws accessory. When the player pairs the Feral Claws with the Titan Glove accessory that Mimics dumps in hardmode, they get the Power Glove, which has everything the Feral Claws have plus increased range. Then the summoner can combine the power glove accessory with the Avenger emblem to create the mechanical glove that increases melee damage and recoil along with any previous value increases.

Finally, the Mechanical Glove can be combined with the Magma Stone Accessory, which is a possible drop from bats in the underworld, to create the Fire Glove. Along with everything the Mechanical Glove had, this also inflicts the “Hellfire” debuff on the enemies. While this requires all of these steps, these accessories are well worth the extra work.

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